There will be order in the kitchen if you get rid of these 9 unnecessary things.

Waste devices

Open your drawers and take out all of them. Get rid of everything that you do not use on a permanent basis and from what it does and bothers you.

Wine storage devices

When testing, it was revealed that all devices that tightly close the wine bottles and prevent the penetration of oxygen, in fact, do not work. Some wines actually only get worse after using similar appliances. It will be better if you finish the bottle to the end.

Food Storage Containers

The most common reason for kitchen mess is the storage containers. Throw out all unnecessary, old or spoiled and leave only those that are really comfortable to use. The same goes for piles of water bottles, lunch boxes and reusable bags.

Giant knife blocks

They look impressive, but most people tend to use just one knife, and the other ten lie and collect dust.

A pile of nothing

Plants, cleaners, tin cans, scissors, wine openers, spoons and measuring cups - all this usually accumulate together, turning into a mess. Choose your favorite items and donate the rest.

Overdue Spices

Most of the spices in your spice rack probably went bad. Check the dates several times a year to make sure that you use really fresh spices. If the spices no longer produce the desired flavor, immediately replace them.


Blender has long replaced the juicer. In addition, in a blender, you do not throw away the healthy pulp of fruit. And certainly it is not necessary to say that washing a blender is many times easier than a juicer.

Disposable seasonings

Say goodbye to the contents of this special box, which stores bags of soy sauce and mustard, chopsticks and the like. You get all these things along with the following orders for food at home, so why not leave this box for more favorable use?

Duplicate appliances

If you have a toaster and toaster, you know what to do. Your space is too valuable to use to store the same thing. This also applies to products that you no longer need.

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