5 things you shouldn’t agree on, even if a man insists

Ladies, here's the thing: sooner or later you will meet one for the sake of which you could reconcile the whole world. Falling in love, taking care of someone is, of course, good, but it is not necessary to completely dissolve in a person.

Do not chase a man in an attempt to get his approval. Time is a precious thing, and if you end up investing your energy and time in a person who is not even worth it, then stop. It is important to realize that your existence makes sense, you are a personality with personality, more than just a body, and more than just someone who can be taken for granted.

Here are 5 things a real woman should never do to win a man’s attention:

1. Change yourself for it

Always stay the way you are. If he requires certain "adjustments" in your personality or behavior, so that he is more "interested" in you, then do not fall for his demands.

Make the necessary changes that make you feel better for yourself, and not because of someone's whims and fantasies. If a person really likes you, he will love you for who you are.

2. To seek his approval

This is the worst that can happen. You are an intelligent and intelligent woman. If you are mature enough to provide him with a special place in your life, then you are also quite adult to make your own decisions.

A real woman always plays by her own rules. She will never wait for someone’s approval. This is because she knows what is best for her.

3. Try to change your look.

Even if you are short, you are tall and thin or, on the contrary, plump, it is your body. It is you. You have to live in this body all your life, so you were born.

Changing the shape of the nose, trying to lose weight or improve any part of the body just for the sake of it or anyone else has no meaning. This person obviously does not want to be with you.

Make these changes in appearance only if you feel that you need these improvements. Go to this step if you think these changes will help you increase your self-confidence. But this should be only your decision and your choice.

4. Change your schedule and plans

So you can see him more often? It really is absolutely necessary to do and spend more time with each other. But not when it becomes for you the whole universe, and you have to cancel all your plans with friends and family.

This most "special" person in your life should not believe that you will always be "available."

5. Sacrifice your dreams and goals in life.

This woman will never compromise on matters that concern her hobbies. She will not allow anyone to interfere - these are her dreams and ambitions.

She listened to someone's advice only when she considered it necessary. So, if someone tries to tell her what is good and what is bad when it comes to her goals in life, she should not be influenced.

Your partner should support you in your endeavors and should never tell you to refuse a completely good job offer for reasons that are associated with it and are not satisfied with it.