8 clear signs that a man made a mistress

Men are careless, risky and easily predictable. Therefore, if the thought that your beloved has started an affair on the side more and more often creeps into your head, just take a closer look at it and everything will immediately become clear.

1. He began to pay much attention to his appearance

If before your man was completely unpretentious to clothes and how he looks, now he has become a long time standing in front of the closet, looking for something to wear, to watch his hair, figure and sneak peek at himself in the mirror.

2. He makes you guilty in everything

In any situation, he will turn everything up so that it is you who is to blame, and he will be an offended innocent angel. A man can begin to find fault with you for any reason, criticize every little thing and inflate the scandal for no reason - all these are signs of his guilt in front of you, and in order not to feel bad, he begins to expose you to everything also did not seem too good.

3. He is too jealous of you.

His jealousy goes beyond all limits - he checks your phone, reads correspondence in social networks, arranges questioning after a colleague calls and suspects to each post. His behavior comes to sick possessiveness, and one explanation for this is that in order not to feel too guilty, he wants to find sins in you too.

4. He gives you gifts and compliments.

Of course, a very nice sign. But if earlier your man was a stale rusk, from which you will not wait for a sluggish rose, but now he has suddenly become a great romantic, you should be wary, it is quite possible, he is simply smoothing his guilt.

5. He offers unusual sex experiments.

Perhaps he wants to transfer to your relationship what he tries with his mistress. Agree on it or not - it's up to you.

6. His tastes and preferences have changed.

This may concern everything - music, movies, food, hobbies, favorite places in the city, etc. It is quite possible that the reason for these changes is the mistress who turns his worldview, forcing the man to change.

7. He wants you to change

A man asks you to learn how to cook any unusual dish, enroll in a dance school, get up on skis, change your clothes, or cut your hair short. All this, most likely, those signs and qualities that are in his mistress, and he, unwittingly, wants to see it in you.

8. He does not want to make plans for the future.

To any question you have about the future or joint plans, he suddenly becomes angry, saying that now is not the time to discuss it, and that it is impossible to plan everything? Maybe he is just ready to pack things and get away from you to another?