The risk to stay alone: ​​7 things that can not be demanded from men

Every woman has her own clear list of what a man should do or not do in a relationship. On the one hand, this is correct, because when we meet with someone, we subconsciously make a number of requirements to this person. But there are such things that you can never ask a man, otherwise you risk being left alone.

1. Do not communicate with relatives

Yes, you may have strained relationships with his mother or close relatives, but you cannot demand that he break relations with them because of you in any case. Relatives are something holy, inaccessible and carefully protected, especially parents. Therefore, you have no right to give him ultimatums, asking him to delete his parents from his life, because they are unpleasant to you. Parents are a continuation of a person, a part of his life, such as a leg or hand. You won't cut off your leg if your man doesn't like it, right?

2. Change appearance

If you meet with this man, then you unconditionally accept him for what he is. Trying to change people in general is stupid, then it's better to find someone who suits you completely. And to demand a change in appearance, because you don’t like something about her - this is generally the height of madness. Everyone has every right to look like, first of all, he likes, and not to adapt to others.

3. Change interests, religion, moral values

These are the foundations of life that are laid in a person under the influence of certain events and mean a lot to him. Therefore, do not ask a man to read the same books as you, to adhere to the same political views or to attend Pentecostal meetings with you. What is valuable for each person is his personal choice, which he consciously made. If he is so disgusted with you, and you can’t take it in any way, the best way out is separation.

4. Forcibly communicate with your relatives

Interweaving with point one, only exactly the opposite. A man has every right not to feel special sympathy for your relatives and not to come closer to them so much so that to spend days together together, quite polite communication is enough. You are fully free to be with them as dear as possible, and not to demand from him unlimited love for them.

5. Solve your problems

Of course, he can help you and turn his strong shoulder on, to cover him with your own problems and completely shift them to him - this cannot be done in any way. This is especially true of financial problems - it should not extinguish the loan that you took 3 years ago, should not pay all your numerous payments and constantly replenish the account on a bank card. In the end, you are an adult woman who is quite capable of coping with her own cares.

6. Not interested in other women.

Well, it already smacks of insanity. It is clear that jealousy is always present in relationships, but to forbid him to look towards other women and even think about them is not good at all. In addition, this is your behavior can provoke a backlash when it starts to change you, because you are putting too many restrictions on it.

7. Earn more

A woman can transparently hint about it, encourage, instill confidence and gently push it, but demand that a man earn more - this can never be done. The theme of money and earnings for men is generally very sick and detracting from the feeling of their dignity. Hearing from a woman that she does not have enough money, a man can completely lose confidence in herself and consider herself a loser, or, conversely, become embittered and become aggressive towards her. Therefore, before you say this, you need to think carefully, because there are other, softer levers of pressure on men, you just need to connect to them the female trick.