Unreal life we ​​live

In our information age, more and more people are faced with the problem of chronic fatigue. It would seem that everything in life is good, there are certain indicators of success and prestige, but no, the person is still dissatisfied with something, annoyed, and is in perpetual struggle with himself.

Why it happens? From the outside, we are constantly being imposed patterns of a happy and successful life, we simply cannot be losers, and we must demonstrate in every way how well we live - beautiful photos in social networks, likes on instagram and life-defying statuses. But in reality all this is tinsel, fake glitter, which, with one careless movement, will subside and reality will be exposed.

In pursuit of others imposed standards, we do not live our own lives, but someone else’s. We strive for alien ideals, do what others expect of us, rather than ourselves, we try to comply with a given bar and not lose face. As a result, we are going against ourselves, breaking our lives. This is especially common, for example, if a child goes to study at a university, which his parents chose for him, and not himself. Or when a woman in spite of the family chooses a career.

Then internal scrapping occurs, and it is much more dangerous than the one caused by some external circumstances. A person cannot cope with himself, begins to remake himself, as a result, it appears that tiredness of his own life, when nothing pleases him, even if everything looks fine and wonderful.

What to do in this situation? Alas, banal tips like walking more or playing sports here will not help. Yes, you can get distracted for a while, but the problem will remain unresolved. First of all, you need to understand yourself, clearly decide what you want, highlight life priorities and not be afraid to change your destiny. Only in this way can you break out of the vicious circle of dependence and not bend under the surrounding people and circumstances. Live your life, because you have one!