5 most effective diets that will help you lose weight quickly

When a woman wants to lose weight, she does not smile too long to wait. On the contrary, I want to cope with the task as quickly as possible. Therefore, in order to get rid of excess weight in the shortest possible time, you should choose the most effective diet. We have collected 5 best diets that will correct the figure in the shortest possible time.

The most effective diets that do not take much time

Kefir diet

This option is especially for lovers of this dairy product. Because if you do not like kefir, it is better to choose something else, because you have to drink kefir a lot. If you are not sure of yourself, try to last one day for a start.

The essence of the diet is that every day you drink from 1 to 2 liters of kefir. Not immediately, but taking breaks. In addition, buckwheat, apples and other low-calorie foods may be present in different diets. The effect of it will be lower, but then it is transferred much better.

Ducan's diet

This protein diet is also considered very effective. It includes oatmeal as an obligatory product, the others change depending on the stage. So, at the first, seven-day stage of the diet, you eat 72 protein foods, at the second stage, they alternate with vegetables. Already in the third stage, bread, cheese and fruit are allowed, from which the diet returns to its normal course. After the end of the diet is recommended one day a week to maintain the diet of the first stage.

Buckwheat diet

The basis of this diet, as you can guess, is buckwheat porridge on the water and almost without salt. This diet has two options. The first, simple and fast, involves three or four days exclusively on buckwheat porridge. The second is easier, but takes more time. In this case, fruits and low-calorie foods are added to buckwheat.

Diet without effort

This light diet is also quite effective. Its essence is to limit the use of fluids after eating and improve digestion. You can drink, but only before meals. But for a couple of hours after eating you should refrain from drinking. In addition, you should also exclude high-calorie foods.


The ketogenic diet is one of the low-carb diets. Its essence is to reduce carbohydrates to about 30 grams per day, as well as reducing the amount of protein. But fats are quite welcome. In addition, you can back up a diet with sports, which will make it more effective.