8 non-obvious reasons why the most stunning women are always alone


It is always a standoff. You look amazing, you feel amazing, but no one invites you for a date. Not very nice, but still in the company you are always alone. When friends try to introduce you to someone (who may be interested in you), then a few messages in the correspondence do not go. Over the years, you start to worry, because you are always spoken of as a bridesmaid, and you would like to be a bride or wife.

For starters, stop feeling sorry for yourself. There is a reason that you are alone, and fix everything is quite difficult. Take a break from your laptop, put the napkins aside and get ready to understand the reasons why Ryan Gosling is still not following you (it’s Ryan Gosling):

1. Men avoid coming to you first.

They feel female confidence at a distance, and it often happens that beautiful, strong women scare them. That is, they set the bar a little lower. Perhaps the man will still come up, even ask for your phone number, but at the same time be sure that they will forget about him as soon as he leaves the room. More precisely, he doesn’t even know if you like people like him.

2. You are the embodiment of the perfect wife.

Yes, it sounds awful, but many girls will understand what it is about. This often indicates that the girl has already planned her way of life, wants to get the most out of life and on schedule. Men often perceive the stunning beauty and stressed individuality of a woman as a non-verbal signal that she clearly knows what she wants and has already planned her future. This was once a sign of quality. Today? Rather, the reason for gossip.

3. Surrounding people are confident that you already have a chosen one.

If you often appear in company in proud loneliness, friends think that your evening and night are already busy, like all the girlfriends. They don’t even ask why you don’t wear a wedding ring, mistakenly believing that your confidence indicates either a reluctance to start a new relationship, or that you already have a chosen one.

If a man notices that you do not allow anyone to treat you to alcohol, he will think that you are avoiding everyone and striving for solitude.

4. Your independence radiates invisible vibration.

Some people find their happiness in solitude, and this is just a unique lifestyle. They do not need anyone to complement them. Since you are comfortable alone, you might think that this is how it should be.

5. You find it difficult to open up before people

Often stunning girls think that their beauty and confidence are enough for men to literally stick to them. But men also like when they are recognized, and, in turn, they want you to take the risk and talk to them first.

If you sit in a cafe and wait, who will make the first move, there is a risk to spend the night in splendid isolation. Maybe it would be worth a little to listen to what young people are talking at the next table, and then playfully intervene in their conversation?

6. You look like a girl who can shoot a man in an instant

A little bit higher, we already recalled bullying. If you are burned on past relationships with a man, it is natural that it should take some time to re-gain courage to start a new one. Men do the same. After all, you can be, for example, the fifth girl with whom he is trying to meet this week. And if four of them dismissed him, what do you think he expects from you? The same attitude.

7. You are one of those who carefully plan their schedule and their lives.

If you work from 9.00 to 17.00, visit the gym from 17.00 to 18.30, you have a light dinner around 19.00, from 20.00 to 22.00 - the time of TV shows. Then sleep, and in the morning everything repeats again and again. You are so used to this routine that you even like it. But, unfortunately, because of her, your happy future is at stake.

After all, you probably understand that acquaintance with a man will make your own adjustments to your ideal regime, according to which you have lived the past few months. New relationships require a compromise. Try to relax mentally, then you catch yourself thinking that part of the episodes of your favorite series for the sake of several unforgettable dates can be skipped.

8. You are afraid

It's hard to admit it, but it is. In the end, you live so long in solitude that you probably don’t remember how everything happens there. On the first date, the man still pays for the woman? Or every man for himself? Maybe all these clarifications are a waste of time?

If a man first speaks to you, he may say that you are a little shy. But in fact, your shyness may look like an unpleasant bitchiness. And the sudden perseverance and charm with which you started can instantly evaporate in a sense of insecurity. And by the end of the acquaintance you are completely disappointed in the possibility of creating a serious relationship with this man.

Many people console themselves with the phrase: “When I find him, I’ll know for sure that this is him!” If you feel the same way, you are wrong.

Real, real relationships are a trial and error method. It can happen the first time, and only from the fifth. Fear of relationships, insecurity, creating the image of an evil girl - all this will lead to failure. Instead, show what you really are, how your soul glows.