5 errors when vacuuming: note the housewives

It would seem that it can be easier than using a vacuum cleaner. However, many housewives make a lot of mistakes, picking up this wonder-adaptation and wonder why it does not bring the expected benefits. We will tell you about the 5 most common ones:

You wait until the vacuum cleaner is completely clogged

It is best to clean the bag when it is three-quarters full of dust. So the suction power of your vacuum cleaner will not decrease. Otherwise, you not only will not bring your house in order, but also risk breaking your home appliance, the repair or replacement of which will cost you dearly.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a dirty filter.

Cleaning will not be effective even if you do not replace the filter on your vacuum cleaner in time and it will be clogged with dirt. If there are any signs, immediately replace the filter and you should not hope that it will last much longer than indicated on the package.

Ignore nozzles

Vacuum cleaner nozzles are your best friends! They make cleaning much easier and collect dust where a simple nozzle does not crawl through. However, many housewives persistently ignore such a useful function of their appliances, which only complicates the task of cleaning the house.

Do not control the cord

Hold the cord in your hand when you step on the pedal to wind it back onto the spool. After all, this part of the vacuum cleaner is not durable and may come to malfunction due to careless handling.

Pull out tangled hair and threads

Tangled hair and thread can burn the motor (not cheap repair). To prevent this from happening, you shouldn’t pull out any tangled tangles yourself; most vacuum cleaners have a brush with which you can easily remove this blockage.

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