8 magic threads, for which an intelligent woman pulls in a relationship with a man

The main secret of a successful union is to be an intelligent and wise woman, because only she knows how to influence a man properly, to tame him and make him the most gentle kitten in the world.

1. Give him freedom

Within reasonable limits, of course. The more we restrict a man, the more he wants to break the rules - everything is exactly the same as with children. Go away from the reverse and, if you do not release it completely, then just make it appear, and you will see that the bird will not want to fly anywhere.

2. Treat his parents and friends well.

It is not necessary to have close and close relations with them, you can simply keep in touch with friends or restrict yourself to friendly contacts. The main thing - no quarrels, insults and clarify the relationship. You will see that men appreciate women who can find the right approach to people dear to him.

3. Do not be hysterical

Mexican passions and scandals are good, maybe only as a warm-up before sex and then for a very short time. Wise women know that with calmness, adequacy and composure a man can be moved much more than a constant clarification of relationships and quarrels.

4. Learn to listen to him.

When a man shares something with you, it means that you really are an important and significant person for him. Therefore, try not to miss this thread, but show that you are really ready to listen to it and give practical advice.

5. Do not try to be a leader in relationships.

Smart women know that this will not lead to anything good. Even if your nature is such that you are leading and active, try using women's tricks to make the reins of family and decision-making lay on men's shoulders. Well, or at least that he thought so.

6. Take care of him

Caring is very important in a relationship. You should not become a second mom for him, but the woman who loves him is trying to surround him with comfort and coziness is very necessary. Our life consists of trifles, so do not forget to show your good attitude towards him literally in everything, starting with utter trivia.

7. Share his hobbies

Even if you can not stand the sport, at least a little show interest in football, which he loves so much after listening to his story about the recent match. Better yet, try to share his hobbies in practice - for example, try to master driving cars, sports he likes or something else. What is not a reason for hanging out?

8. Praise him

Men love praise, so make sure your loved one is full. Praise him for everything - for a bouquet of roses, a nailed shelf and just for being near you, so dear, reliable and yours alone.