5 things for which a woman should be "ashamed"

Society places many demands on women and imposes imaginary ideals and values. According to others, if a woman does not do, or, conversely, does certain things - everything, you can put a fat cross on her and send you to the rank of a lonely erasing old age.

1. High income

In the opinion of all-knowing persons, a woman should not in any way earn well and provide for herself, because this is an exclusively male prerogative, and a woman should fall down before her savior and thank him for buying a new pair of tights for her. Successfully moving up the career ladder, reached heights, occupied the position of boss, spend more time at work than at home, earn good money and do not need anyone's help? Everything, in perfect women, you just don’t fit, you can sit down and cry in the corner.

2. Absence of husband

If you are over 25 and you are still not married, you will immediately be labeled as an old maid, and each counter will take it upon himself to ask when the wedding will be. For most people, especially older ones, the understanding of female happiness lies solely in the presence of a husband, and the fact that a modern woman may well be self-sufficient and without a spouse is perceived as extremely negative.

3. Absence of children

One more obligatory point of a happy life and the phrase that in old age no one will even give a glass of water. And, of course, the biological clock, which has long been all ticking, even if you are just over 30.

4. Age

In our country, a woman after 35 is considered far from the first freshness and not even a woman-berry. And almost everyone considers it necessary to remind and reproach about it, exposing many taboos - you can not wear short skirts, bright dresses, make extravagant hairstyles and go to discos. Everything closer to 40 life ends, and we must begin to prepare for old age. Get over it, girls ...

5. Self-development

Another reason why modern women do not understand everything. Society believes that a woman should completely throw herself on the altar of the family: take care of her husband and children, fry, boil, soar, clean and clean, completely forgetting about their interests and hobbies. If a woman is engaged in self-development, embodies the dreams of childhood and adolescence, enrolls in drawing or beadwork courses, attends trainings and seminars or rides a bike, everyone, at least, is surprised to twist her finger at the temple, sighing heavily that she probably went crazy under old age