5 of the most stylish shades of autumn 2018 hair

Although the hair color is more correct to choose, based on its color type, no one has canceled popular trends. That is why, before heading to the salon you should pay attention to the most popular beauty trends and fashionable shades of autumn 2018. Now the choice is yours!

Platinum blond

The brightest of all light shades that you can imagine. Spectacular and incredibly stylish, it is able to instantly change your image, refresh it and add elegance to you. Men always celebrate blondes, considering them to be very sexy, and platinum will be especially in demand in this season.

Blue black

If the role of the fatal beauty does not frighten you, but rather seduces you, then the blue-black shade will be the best choice for you this fall. He does not look boring at all, but on the contrary, he is able to attract the attention of all the surrounding men to you and arouse the envy of women. And unlike bright shades, it will not create you the reputation of an overly eccentric lady.

Ice Caramel

This is not so much a shade as a complex coloring, which is not in the teeth of every master. But the result will exceed all your expectations, because the color will be very lively, interesting and multifaceted. This shade will require sufficient hair length, and in this case, the effect will be truly stunning. This shade is always paired with a dark one, due to which it looks especially interesting.


Golden, rich and therefore very effective shade excites the minds of fashionistas around the world. Perhaps the most autumn color this season will look very appropriate. A great opportunity to keep the gold of autumn leaves on your hair when they have fallen from the trees. Depending on your preferences, you can make it both bright and quieter and softer.

Dark chestnut

Dark shades are no less relevant than light and bright. If the features of your face suggest that it is dark hair that will look better, this is an excellent occasion to experiment with the most sophisticated and rich colors, for example, with a dark chestnut. A great way to beat the shade, while not leaving a solid black.