6 things a woman should hide from her man by any means

Of course, the most important thing in a relationship is trust in one another. But, nevertheless, there are such situations about which it is better to be silent and not tell about them to your man under any pretext, because the consequences can be the saddest and unpredictable.

1. Stormy youth

Which one of us didn't have it? Perhaps everyone. But your lover should not know about your alcoholic exploits, incendiary parties, unusual experiments and seduction skills. Let him think that you were always the very humble, sweet and gentle lady that he tenderly loved.

2. Former relationship

It is only women with the persistence of a maniac can inquire from his man about his former girls. Guys, this is actually not at all interesting. And not because you are indifferent, but because excessive details about your past relationships can cause jealousy, hurt and make you compare with yourself. And men are not masochists to voluntarily accept suffering.

3. Too personal details of your own health.

This includes menstruation, a detailed description of past diseases, operations and ailments. If in the past you had sexually transmitted diseases, it is generally better to be silent about this and try to hide it. All this information will be little pleasant to your man and will not cause absolutely no interest or sympathy.

4. Conflicts in your family

This refers to conflicts between your parents. This information is better not to convey to the men in detail. The same goes for the situation if you grew up in a dysfunctional family. Of course, this cannot be hidden, and it is not necessary, but, nevertheless, excessive trifles and descriptions of all problems will be superfluous.

5. Windy friends

If you are in the picturesque colors you will tell your partner about the love and adventures of your girlfriends, most likely, he will decide that you belong to the same cohort, and will perceive you in the same way - frivolous, easily addicting and loving to walk.

6. Your male preferences

Let your partner be in full confidence that he is the best, handsome, courageous, sympathetic and courageous for you. In general, just ideal. It is better to be silent about the fact that you are attracted or just like someone else (even outwardly), because it can provoke jealousy, resentment and showdown.