Even thinner, slimmer: 5 jeans with a corrective fit

Jeans with high waists have become not just a trend, but a trend for every day. They are relevant always and everywhere, and to put with them a bright and stylish image is a snap. Only one laconic T-shirt, and the image is ready for every day. Add to these a top with thin straps, and now you are a seductive coquette. They look equally good with a T-shirt and a sweater, and this means that it’s time for you to get a new pair.

High Waist Cropped Jeans

Without narrow jeans, we are nowhere. Especially in the fall, because they look great with almost any style of coat or jacket. In them you will not freeze, because the back will not be open, even if you wear short outerwear. And these jeans look always very stylish and appropriate. The shortened version is great to wear with ankle boots or coarse boots.
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Riveted jeans

Decorative elements on jeans are still welcome. Looks great, for example, strips of rivets that pass along the sides. To the best of restraint, but at the same time extraordinary, stylish and interesting: this is an excellent option for every day and for a special event. At least for a party, at least for a rock concert.
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Loose jeans with a raw hem

First, if the jeans look like you’ve taken scissors an hour ago, obeying a spontaneous desire, you cut off a piece of jeans, this is very stylish. You can easily pass for a fashion blogger if you wear these. Holes and scuffs are also not canceled, well, well, different shades of denim will make the model even more stylish.
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Gray skinny high waisted

Denim should not be limited to classic blue shades. You may look more interesting if you experiment with colors. If you still do not like the bright shades, pay attention to the relatively modest, but self-sufficient shades of gray. Like it or not, and gray is a worthy alternative to black.
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Jeans with a patch

We both hands for interesting decorative items. Especially if they are coupled with a good style. A model mom-fit can definitely be called successful, because they are able to skillfully correct the figure and bring it closer to the ideal. A stylish patch completes the picture. These jeans, it would seem, are quite simple, but meanwhile very extraordinary.
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