How to remove leg swelling at home

High-heeled shoes look very stylish and beautiful, but you have to pay for this beauty. Swelling of the legs often occurs in many, and the problem is not only of an aesthetic nature. They can talk about a variety of problems, including dangerous diseases. Why do they occur, and how to get rid of edema in the legs?

Why there is swelling in the legs

The occurrence of edema can be for various reasons. We have collected the most common reasons for the swelling of the legs.

  • You constantly wear heels: and your legs are not as good as you are, even if it seems to you that you are already used to them.
  • You have cardiovascular diseases: if you don’t wear your heels, or don’t wear them often, you should check with your doctor.
  • Little movement: Edema often also occurs from a fixed lifestyle. If you are constantly sitting in the office, it will directly affect your well-being.
  • Excess weight: when there is an extra load on the feet, the likelihood of edema is very high.
  • Tight and uncomfortable shoes: Even if your shoes have a small heel and a comfortable shoe, but your shoes are tight, this factor can easily lead to swelling.

How to remove leg swelling at home?

With this problem it is quite possible to cope, so do not let the situation take its course. How to quickly remove swelling in the legs at home?

Foot bath with sea water

A very effective tool that will not only help you cope with the problem, but also help you to relax. It is very simple to make such a bath - just pour about 5 liters of boiled water at a comfortable temperature into a basin, add three tablespoons of sea salt and one tablespoon of soda, as well as a little iodine. Take a bath for about half an hour, and repeat every day at least for a week.

Herbal decoction

A great way to improve blood circulation is to make herbal decoction for the feet. To do this, it is worth brewing herbs such as sage, string, yarrow, chamomile and use as well as a foot bath.

Contrast Foot Bath

Type two basins with water, pour hot water in one (but enough to withstand it), in the second - with cold water. Alternately lower your legs into each of the cans. The result can be considered achieved if your legs turn red.