Fall in love only with men who meet these 6 criteria.

Time after time we enter into a relationship with an open heart, and we hope that this time we have found that one. Togo whom we can trust and who deserves our time, care and attention.

Finding a man who will truly love you is sometimes very difficult. It is even more difficult to recognize in time whether a man really suits you or not.

However, there is a way to help you do this: if a man meets these 6 criteria, then he is who you need.

He does not make you doubt yourself

If a man constantly gives you examples of other girls, constantly tells you that you could look better, behave better and be more stylish, and whatever you do - in his eyes you are not good enough, then, believe me, such a man you do not need.

You need someone who makes you believe in yourself, that you are no worse than others and that you are good the way you are. You need someone who will not force you to change your appearance or anything else in yourself, but will see and appreciate in you every little thing.

He is always there when you need his support.

Everybody has bad days. Moments when we are far from successful and not strong. At such times, we need someone who will comfort, support and inspire to rise and move on.

If a man is always with you, especially in those days when you need him most, this is the man you need.

It allows you to take a break from worries.

Life moves at a tremendous pace: study, work, family - how to find time for yourself? We all need to relax at least sometimes and slow down. If a man provides you with all the conditions for this, then he cares about you very much and he is the one you need.

He does not tell you that you are strange

If a man calls you crazy, strange or stupid - he is hardly the one who shares your perception of the world and the one you need. Look for that man who will consider your thoughts and actions quite logical and justified, or at least will try to understand you, putting yourself in your place. One who will allow you to say anything and will not blame you for what has been said.

You can trust him

In fact, it is very difficult to understand which man should be trusted and which one should not. Even if a man is sincere with you in his feelings over time, he can change priorities and leave you with nothing. It is important to listen to your intuition and your eyes - if you see that a man does not let you down and does not refuse you even in difficult moments, if he is devoted to you, if you feel that he is not looking for someone better than you, because you are the best for him, then don't let go of such a man. He knows exactly what he needs in life, and also that he needs only you.

You feel comfortable and safe with him.

Do you know the feeling when after a long hard day you enter your cozy home, put on your pajamas and slippers and sit down to watch your favorite movie with a cup of tea? So, when meeting a man you are just as warm and comfortable, you feel as relaxed and safe as you are at home, and if you don’t need anything at this moment, then this is your man.