5 women who only by their presence provoke other people's husbands to adultery

They change with those who fall into a special category, pushing them into temptations and intrigues. Regardless of whether it is an old friend or a completely random girl, men change according to the same pattern, which is easy to determine in moments of intimacy.

Here are 5 categories of women from the environment of men, with whom he is most likely to have an affair on the side. If you belong to those women who are concerned about the suspicion of male infidelity, pay attention to these categories:

1. Colleagues

About 36% of men cheated with their colleagues, and this is only official statistics. In fact, the percentage is higher. There is evidence that the more successful men in their careers, the greater the chance that they will go to treason.

Many husbands spend as much time at work with colleagues as they do with their wives. And when they have emotional ties due to a common cause, the framework can quickly fade. It usually begins with an innocent joke about “wife at work”.

An excessive association of oneself with a colleague in the struggle for a common cause makes one play an educational and supporting role, which should be the prerogative of the spouses. The temptation may increase due to the stressful factors of marriage, glutful relationships. If a man’s work involves frequent trips with colleagues, this is also an additional nudging factor ... "Business trips make it easier for people to go beyond, without causing suspicion in a spouse who thinks her husband is working."

2. Neighbors

Many betrayals occur in plain sight - across the street or in the neighborhood. Studies show that men often change with their neighbors, which is explained by the fact that infidelity is very often associated with accessibility, and a pretty neighbor is always there. What is characteristic, in general, it is believed that wives are more likely to change with their neighbors, unlike their husbands, because the latter are afraid of getting caught. The general explanation is that they change because they can.

In any case, in order to minimize the risks, instead of a pretty neighbor, find someone else to whom you can leave spare house keys.

3. Fellows in the gym

Sport is a great way to preserve your physical and mental health, but, unfortunately, they can also be a great way to find the one with whom you can change. Attending workouts is one of the most popular men's excuses for meeting on the side. Nearly three-quarters of men admitted that they went to the gym to spin with someone other than their spouse. In addition, many men usually wind up watching the exercises of girls, and this increases the risk.

But the risk of treason should not be an excuse for not attending workouts and for accumulating extra pounds. Studies show that couples who train together stay together. Therefore, if you really suspect your partner, then it may be time to accept his invitation to join the classes.

4. Online strangers

If before men changed with those whom they know personally, now social networks, dating applications and other web sites have greatly facilitated betrayal of strangers. All that is needed for extramarital affairs is an internet connection.

Studies show that for impulsive personalities, the Internet makes betrayal not so much tempting as it is commonplace. The Internet is a source of endless opportunities for casual sex.

5. Former

Thanks to VK, Facebook and Instagram it has become much easier to communicate with the former. Many are seriously convinced that they can easily be friends with the former. Most often this is the result of misunderstanding of boundaries.

Maintaining contact with your ex increases the likelihood of betrayal with them, when something does not work in the current relationship. The desire to “remain friends” can be a symptom of a psychopath or a narcissus, even when it does not imply infidelity. In the end, it's better for everyone not to even try to catch up.