12 men about their attitude to the change of name on the name of his wife

Many women doubt whether to take the name of her husband after the wedding. First of all, it is worth understanding how men relate to this, because their last name is their pride. Since ancient times, the family bore the name of her husband and were proud of it. It is worth asking most men, maybe times have changed and traditions have lost their former importance.

“I do house-cleaning, I earn money, I plan holidays, I pay for food, etc. My wife is a cold woman, so she does not think that the surname is already so important, and these formalities make it difficult. But since I do all the work, I think I deserve the right to take my surname. ”- Andrey, 31

“I do not insist on it. As long as my genes are in the blood of my child, I don’t care what our surname is. Yes, many do not understand why I still have not forced my wife to change her maiden name, but we believe that this is not so important. ”- Nikolai, 22

“If men started taking the names of their wives, it would be an unsuccessful and, perhaps, irreversible step towards matriarchal culture, which is dangerous for guys, because at such times, usually male babies were killed and treated men as slaves. It seems to me that when we force our wives to give us their last names, they think that we are infringing them. Yes, the husband’s surname was a taboo for a long time, but if my wife is so uncomfortable, then I’m ready to sacrifice these. ”- Ruslan, 27

“There is something so terrible in the idea that a person will have to permanently abandon his name in favor of another. I don’t know how everything is, but I’m confused by the thought that I’ll take someone’s name away. ”- Konstantin, 25

“It seems to me that it is better to take a double last name. Yes, it is strange, but nobody loses anything. We will remove from our relations all quarrels about the names, she will be able to leave her last name and this is an excellent compromise, because the documents will have to be redone by both, and not just by her. ”- Alexey, 26

"Of course she will take my last name." Justification? Biologically, the word & domain 'comes to my mind all the time. It sounds misogynical, I know. But deep down, I know that the family is my property. For example, in any hypothetical emergency, I will be the one who sacrifices his life to save his wife and children. I must be the one whose name lives on. ”Roman, 29

“I think if she refused to take my name, I would have fallen. She can be a president with such a beautiful surname as mine. "- Yuri, 24

“I think that at the genetic level, women want to marry, and part of the marriage is that they choose a certain dynasty — for lack of a better word — and that means the name of a man. For a man to change her surname in her name would be to reverse a long-standing sociological phenomenon, and a woman shows belonging to her man. ”- Nikita, 27

“I’m somewhat traditional in this regard and as the only male child in my family, I think it’s my duty to save my last name and pass it on to my children. I understand why many men do not insist on it, they just don’t attach much importance to it ”- Alexander, 36

“I have several friends in the West who have made a combination of the family name for the child, and this is very fair. Starting a new pedigree is cool. I think I will do the same. ”- Ivan, 30

“My wife's maiden name is very common, and my last name is very unique. Therefore, she also wanted to take my name, as I did. I think I was lucky that everything turned out the way it did, because I would not want to exaggerate the problem because of the traditions. ”- Michael, 31.