12 evil things that are inherent in each sign of the zodiac



Spread about someone slander in order to defame his good name.

Especially often this is found on the Internet. Someone once hurt the feelings of Aries, now they have decided to take revenge on the offender in the most disgusting way. Your mutual friends will certainly pay attention to this and may make wrong conclusions based on your false information. Be careful, because the decision is not guaranteed to be made in your favor.


Food delivery from one restaurant to another.

No matter how rude it looks, Taurus is not ready to give a second chance to the establishment that once let them down, therefore, ordering food delivery from another restaurant to the summer terrace of this unfortunate institution is common for them.


I corresponded at once with several partners, while being in bed at the third.

Fidelity - the characteristic of champions. The twins are faithful only to themselves. The twins are the champions, and you can't argue with that. Perhaps, if we all behaved the same way as Gemini, the surrounding people would consider each of us unique and inimitable.


He welcomed all the participants, except for those people who always look at them with misunderstanding.

Right now, Cancer welcomes every guest at his own party, except for those who, in his opinion, always disliked him or looked at him askance. Such people can only take the initiative themselves and greet Rakov so that they do not feel like outsiders for the rest of the evening.

a lion

Subscribe your intimate photos immediately after the first date.

Do not be surprised if, after the first date, you get unexpected photos from Lviv with the message "The most indisputable partner in the world is indisputable." Lions ask for compliments, so if you like what you see, feel free to put all your imagination in one modest phrase.


The desire to shout their own crowd crying crowd in the library.

Right now, Virgos are again trying to balance the world, trying to reassure someone in the library. They do not seek to be rude, they just want to help, even if they themselves have to break the rules for the sake of it.


A greeting from that person who welcomed a completely different person.

Surely each of us had such situations in life, and Libra very often has this. They want so much to meet at least one familiar person at a noisy party, that every time they think that someone is greeting them. The awkwardness of what is happening sometimes makes them care to a corner and never see anyone again.


Erotic dreams with your favorite hero of your favorite series.

Scorpions are attracted by mystery and obscurity, which is why characteristic dreams with fictional characters are considered common to them. Do not even try to wake them ahead of time, if you do not want to unleash the wrath of the dissatisfied Scorpions.


Appearing at a friend's birthday party without a gift.

Strelets Troops are open, free and confident that their presence at a particular party should certainly be noted. At the same time, they absolutely do not bother themselves with the need to prepare for it, because they are convinced of the importance and necessity of their presence alone.


Search the Internet for inappropriate information during an important workshop.

Capricorn is a responsible zodiac sign, burdened with a huge number of important duties. However, even moments happen to him when one wants, if not to drop everything, then at least to be distracted. Switching from serious to something not entirely serious or even vulgar has long been firmly in their habit.


Maintaining a serious philosophical conversation with the person in whom you are interested only in terms of sex.

Aquarius will never pass by meaningful conversation. If their interlocutor is also incredibly attractive, the chance that during the conversation they will not begin to think about how to get him into their bed as quickly as possible is negligible.


The ability to hide their most terrible emotional state behind the masks of constraint and inspiration.

Right now, Pisces, in the literal sense of the word, is sure that they are about to leave this world, but they do not so much want to cause inconvenience to anyone that they willingly hide their feelings from the rest of the world. Even if the event serves a dish that causes them to be allergic, they would rather try it and go to the hospital than let someone know about this feature.