What cheap cosmetics are not inferior to luxury: 9 ways to save



Never spend a lot of money on mascara, it's not worth it. First, you use this tool too often to let a fortune down on it. Secondly, any mascara will do its job regardless of its price.
Extending mascara Rimmel, 201 rub.; letu.ruSee in the store


This is another thing that is not worth spending a lot of money, because it ends very quickly. In addition, many expensive pencils are not always so good and easy to use.
Misslyn eye pencil, 194 rub .; letu.ruSee in the store


There are millions of varieties of inexpensive lipsticks that are not inferior to luxury, they are durable and have a perfect texture.
Lipstick Vivienne Sabo, 299 rub .; letu.ruSee in the store


If you have not sensitive and not problematic skin, then one of the concealers of the mass-market, which will not cost cosmic money, will definitely suit you.
Concealer Maybelline, 329 rub .; letu.ruSee in the store

Lip balm

There are plenty of lip balms that are quite inexpensive, although they do work fine.
Perlier lip balm, 419 rubles; letu.ruSee in the store

Eyebrow shadows

If your eyebrows do not require long work with them, then here you can save your money. Cheap eyeshadow in the right shade will be a real boon for you.
Eyebrow Shadows Artdeco, 379 rub .; letu.ruSee in the store


If you are not Kim Kardashian, you will not use the highlighter often enough to justify its cost. In addition, there are so many low-cost alternatives that will make your skin shine no less bright.
Highlighter Loreal, 769 rub .; letu.ruSee in the store

Nail polish

Yes, expensive varnishes have really cool packaging, but do you need to spend all your money for the sake of a bottle? Not! You just pay for the brand.
Max Factor nail polish, 246 rub .; letu.ruSee in the store

Makeup brushes

Once there was a time when spending a lot of money on makeup brushes was absolutely necessary. However, today there are so many at least quality makeup tools that are not at all inferior to their expensive counterparts.
Eyebrow brush Artdeco, 149 rub .; letu.ruSee in the store

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