10 traitors tell how they were caught

When we suspect that our other half is cheating on us, we turn into real detectives with a whole set of surveillance skills that we were not even aware of. We dig in social networks, look into any notifications that appear on their phone and generally notice all the “weirdness” and “clues” in their path. And, by the way, it works. Because when people talk about how they were caught cheating, they confirm that it all started with the fact that their half already began to suspect something and began to specifically “conduct an investigation.”

Here are a few stories from people who were caught cheating. We promise you will be extremely interesting! And yes, do not make the same mistakes as they - stay true!

“Once, my iPhone was synchronized with my girlfriend’s laptop over the room — and revealed a treasure of naked photos of me during the betrayals that I had so carelessly retained in my film. Now the iPhone has learned to ask if I want to trust the computer from which I am charging. But it doesn’t just take and immediately synchronizes the whole dirt! ”- stonedchapo

“I overslept many messages from my mistress, but my wife did not sleep ...” - Loud_Mouth_Soup

“I saw in my wife’s bag no condoms that I usually use. I rummaged in her phone when she was in the shower, and my fears were confirmed. ” - stop_being_ugly

“We left, and when the bar closed, I decided it was time for me to go home. She and a few friends decided to go to the club. The next morning I woke up in an empty bed. She did not answer calls. I started to get worried and decided to track her phone. She was in a hotel - I called there and asked to connect me with the necessary number. The man picked up the phone. ” - BeatiSpirituPoperes

“Temporarily did not communicate with his girlfriend because of a quarrel. Suddenly one day I received a message from a girl - as it turned out, we had mutual friends. She began to stick to me, offered to sleep and everything in this spirit. It turns out that at that time my girlfriend had gotten a one-time phone number and was the one who sent me provocative messages all this time. She was unhappy. - brosesofisrael

“When I was in college, we had a Twitter account, where people posted photos of random people who were caught at parties. One Saturday evening, I disconnected and woke up with several angry messages. ” - Brolinsky

“This awkward moment when you both meet for 7 months, and then you both find each other on Tinder with the mark“ 8 months ”. So we both broke up, but we are still friends. ” - Swagicorn1313

“My girlfriend is probably the best investigator in the country. I was at the game, and one of our friends made a group photo at the bar at the stadium and posted it on Instagram. My girl, seeing the photo, decided to click on the name of everyone who was marked on the photo. The photo was the girl with whom I cheated on her. When my girlfriend stumbled across her profile, she noticed that I liked most of the photos. Then she went to my page and noticed that this girl likes most of my photos. Then my girlfriend sniffed Facebook "suspect" and found her phone number there. My girlfriend recorded it. She then asked for an invoice at my phone company and saw that I corresponded and called up with that girl for several months. When I was sleeping, my girlfriend got into my phone and wrote a number (it flashed under the name of a guy, LOL), and the messages were: “When will we sleep again?”. And I answered there "When you want". We broke up. "- TreadLightly2323

“I caught treason on my boyfriend, with whom I was two years old. He asked me to read him a document on his MacBook, and when I did this, in the new window the message dialog box flashed by chance - he wrote to some girl “Good night, I love you”, sitting next to me in my bed. As it turned out, he corresponded with a girl who was 8 years old and who lived two hours from us. I left ”- pixie_d * cks

"The police came to the door with a paternity notice." - ConCons_Husband