8 secrets that a man always carefully hides from you

It turns out that there is a mystery not only in us women, but also in men. Even if you are sure that you know your faithful far and wide, he will not reveal some moments of his life even at gunpoint.

1. He likes your appearance not all

Men are well aware that to say something to a woman against her appearance is an act, akin to a serious crime. Therefore, they prefer to remain silent on this topic, so as not to inflate the scandal and not to provoke a quarrel, resentment and showdown.

2. He is still thinking about his ex

Many men parting and breaking relationships endure much heavier than women. That is why, in their former passion, they can suffer and remember it for quite a long time. Even after a man has already entered into a new relationship and started another partner, the ghost of his former love may still long loom in his head.

3. Sometimes he wants to be weak

It is only in appearance that men are never inflexible, always strong and self-confident. In fact, there are times when they want to be weak, led and feel sorry for themselves. At this time, they more than ever need the support of a beloved woman who can again instill confidence in herself. But does a man confess to that?

4. He has health problems.

Men spread their health extremely rarely, preferring to hide it even from the closest people. Therefore, the fact that his health is far from ideal, he is never recognized.

5. He has money problems

The main indicator of a man’s success is his stable financial position. Admitting that he has no money, he lowers himself in the eyes of others and sharply loses his prestige. A man can spend the last on ostentatious chic, but does not admit that these were his emergency reserves.

6. He is not experienced in matters of physical proximity.

In society, it is still customary to assume that a man should have vast experience behind him from a whole list of former women. If this is not the case, it means that he is simply a loser or something is wrong with him. Therefore, a man will never admit that he is far from being a macho man, and his adventures are limited to only one girl.

7. He has a dysfunctional family

According to the research of psychologists, men are much more difficult to share the problems of childhood and the difficulties in the family. They almost never talk about their parents, if they are dysfunctional, and they don’t take the memories of their growing up for general discussion.

8. He had a bad experience of intimacy.

If a man is a fiasco in this area of ​​relations, he will do everything to keep that secret behind seven seals, and no one will know about it. He will rather embellish his sexual exploits and present himself as a real Don Juan, than admit that he once failed to please a woman.