The most dangerous features of each sign of the zodiac

According to astrology, even the most quiet and calm person can have dangerous traits of character, which he himself sometimes may not even suspect.

Some people are very angry when they are in a bad mood, someone is inclined to cruel revenge, someone is mocked, and someone may be ignoring the law. And, since every sign of the zodiac has dangerous features, it is best to find out about them in time in order to understand when it is time to leave a person alone and not get into trouble.

In the meantime, the so-called "dangerous" qualities of character are not always bad. They are necessary for each person to survive: sometimes you have to show your fangs, and sometimes say things that people are afraid to hear.

Not always the danger is obvious, especially if it is emotional. Therefore, if your intuition tells you that someone is dangerous for you, even if it seems impossible, you should be alert.

Here are the most dangerous features of each sign of the zodiac.


The most dangerous thing in Aries is unexpected emotional outbursts and impulsiveness. Of all the signs of the zodiac, Aries are those who are most likely to commit a crime on the basis of passion.

When representatives of this sign are angry, they attack: not only in words, but in action. At the same time, Aries do not think before doing something, and are capable of causing serious damage to a person before they cool down and curb their emotions.


The most dangerous thing in Taurus is their stubbornness. If they decide something for themselves - to make them change their mind, change their decision or compromise will mean to engage yourself in a fierce dispute, from which you can hardly emerge a winner. Tauruses, as a rule, are very strong personalities and will do everything to achieve their goal.


The most dangerous thing in Gemini is that they are sometimes unreliable and scattered. They may lose things you lend them or forget and not pay for parking. And yes - if you are in a hurry for business, it is better not to start a conversation with a representative of this sign. Because when the Twins want to discuss something with you, they will not care if you are in a hurry or not.


The most dangerous thing in Cancer is mood swings. If you hurt Cancer or make him angry - his reaction may be too acute. It is quite possible that after your insult, Cancer will cross out you so quickly that you will not even have time to come to your senses and understand what the matter is. The emotions of the Cancers cause them to be unstable and irrational.

a lion

The most dangerous thing in the representatives of this sign is their passive-aggressive behavior. They can do quite controversial things if it seems to them that in the end it will be of benefit to them.

They seem strong and brave most of the time, but they have another side, full of insecurity and a sense of loneliness. Lions, as we know, need increased attention and will manipulate others to get it.


The most dangerous thing in Virgins is their mentality of genius. They achieve perfection in everything and are always attentive to detail. It is the Virgin who are fully capable of ingenious cyber crimes and financial fraud. Even if you suspect a representative of this sign in a crime, it will be very difficult to find evidence against him.


The most dangerous thing about Libra is how they hold back their emotions for a long time, and then one day they break down. And when this happens - be careful, because no one knows what they can do and how they will release their steam.

Libra also often experiences emotional breakdowns and may, in a flash of anger, tell a person what he shouldn’t say.


The most dangerous thing in Scorpios is their thirst for revenge. Representatives of this sign are, indeed, very vindictive: they will come up with an ideal plan, and then they will wait as long as they need to defeat the enemy without a miss.
Scorpios are also extremely vindictive, even if someone who offended them apologized.


The most dangerous thing in Sagittarius is their rash straightness. They can hurt you badly by saying something, and not even realize that they have touched you for living. Sagittarius seems that he was just honest and said everything as it is.

The archers are also very impatient, so if you ate for some reason, you are holding them back - be prepared for thunder and lightning.


The most dangerous thing in the representatives of this sign is the lack of sympathy. Sometimes Capricorns are cold and stingy. If you need someone to borrow, for example, go to anyone, but not to Capricorn. Otherwise, he will give you a lecture about the fact that you should never ask for a loan, be ashamed and will not be able to help you in any way.


The most dangerous thing in Aquarius is their inability to see the big picture. Thus, Aquarius tends to make decisions without taking into account long-term consequences. They want results here and now. Therefore, if something or someone does not benefit Aquarius at the present moment - that someone or this something is outside the circle of interests of Aquarius.


The most dangerous thing in Pisces is their tendency to addiction: from alcohol, gambling, drugs, painkillers or food, for example. Fish do not like to deprive themselves of pleasure, and they freely indulge themselves with all that they like.

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