6 tricks of an intelligent woman to become a goddess in men's eyes

Life is too short to spend on those men who are trying to keep you on a short leash and at the same time demonstrate all kinds of uncertainty.

The point is this: if he does not treat you like a goddess, then you don’t need to treat him like a god. Yes, and it's time to stop worrying about the man who clearly does not care about you. Become wiser, realize your unique value.

1. Do not blame yourself

The problem is not with you, so do not turn the situation inside out. What is happening does not mean that you expect too much from him. It's just that he is such a person.

2. Look at him "present"

Who does he think he is? If he treats you like an empty place, then he is clearly not the prince you once thought him to be. Otherwise, he would have long understood that women like you are not lying on the road.

The most important is the beginning of a relationship. It is when the man first meets you, he tries and makes every effort. Just for the reason that at this moment he is trying to make a good impression. But if he already treats you at random at any given moment, then it will only get worse. And if you think that this is just now all bad, then wait.

But do not put up with this attitude. You owe him nothing and can leave at any time whenever you want. Then what are you waiting for?

3. Look for happiness

After all, your feelings are subject to you more than you think about it. Do not allow the same person to spoil the relationship again and again only on the basis that you are used to him and his behavior. Get out of your comfort zone and drop it. Let him find another stupid.

4. Do not accept his empty apologies.

There is no excuse to treat you badly. Even if he works in three jobs and is therefore all tired, he should not allow himself to be ill-treated. If he really liked you, he would treat you well anyway.

And so your efforts will not lead you anywhere. It doesn’t matter what you do to make him feel better. For himself, he had long since decided everything.

No one deserves to be treated badly. Now, if your best friend continued to return to the same bad man every time, would you be silent? Hardly. After all, you know that it deserves much better than this parasite. So be with you your best friend and put an end to all your suffering.

5. Throwing it, you will get more than you lose.

Throwing it, you will stop being nervous waiting for a text message from him or mourning photos with other women who he constantly publishes. Departing from your life, he will take with him all the anxieties and sorrows.

Its best part is clearly not good enough. Even if he answers your calls and listens when you speak, this is still not enough. You do not need a minimum. You need someone who will try his best to make you happy. Raise the bar.

And so you spend your precious time with him. Every second you spend, all hoping that he will remember your birthday, you are wasting, and could spend on those men who deserve it. Change priorities and put it at the end of the list.

6. Start taking care of yourself.

If you value yourself, you will not allow yourself to focus on the man who treats you like an empty place. You deserve neither his nor his terrible taste. You deserve better.