Do not panic! 9 things for which you worry in vain


What are you dying

At some point it may seem to you that your life has come to an end. You can lie on the bathroom floor, look at the ceiling and think about what the hell you live at all, but do us a favor: get up, look around, pay attention to the burning candle or the sound of the TV and realize how worthy life is to continue .

What do you deserve it

What you really deserve is the best! But not to feel like a prisoner of your own body. You do not deserve to be a lion in a rat cage. You do not deserve to feel that the blame for all your failures lies solely with you. Never forget the confluence of circumstances!

Anxiety is all you will ever feel

Anxiety is too narrow a feeling for you. Take a piece of paper and write everything that relates to you as an individual. Then read and you will see that the alarm did not even get on the list.

That you will never be happy again

One day you will remember these thoughts and take it as just a part of your entertaining journey, and so it is - this is just a small excerpt of your rich and emotion-rich life path. Admit it, did this happen to you before?

That you are not worth anything

You are not worthless and you have never been. Someone wakes up every day and thanks God for what you are in their lives. Remember more about these important people for you and give them more time. Only then will you realize how much you mean in this world.

What are you weak man

No, you are a strong man. Although "strong" is probably not the best word to describe you. You are brave, extraordinary, you are a miracle and therefore you are a worthy person.

That no one will ever love someone like you

One day you will meet a person who will not look at you like a bunch of puzzles. One day you will meet someone for whom you will be worth every moment. And believe me, this will happen! There is not a single person on this planet who would not experience mutual love.

That you will never be a wife / husband, father / mother or best friend that you need to be

You are already such a person. You left a mark on someone's life. You are already already what you should be.

That your story is over

Not over! Just turn the page.

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