18 things in women that men hate but hide it


Most women even have no idea that men can not tolerate these "attractive", according to women, situations. 18 men dispelled stereotypes and named those features that irritate girls most of all, regardless of their age or relationship status.

1. A woman is waiting for a man to call her himself.

Men like to conquer. What the man thinks: “Damn! She does not call and does not write. Apparently, she absolutely does not care.

“If you like a person, just let him know. Men can not read minds and do not like to run after women all the time. We are adults, not students. ”Maxim, 29 years old.

2. Artificial tan

“There is nothing worse than a beautiful girl who looks like an orange!” Stas, 33 years old.

In addition, many men find fair skin more attractive. Therefore, excessive tanning in some cases will simply be superfluous.

3. When women try to make a man jealous

“Either you are interested in someone else, and this causes outrage among your chosen one, or you pretend that you are interested in attracting attention in a very ineffective way. Both options are pretty bad. ”Eugene, 38 years old.

4. Artificial long nails

“They look just awful and unpleasant. Long artificial nails look rather strange. With them, the girls look like witches, and they look rather pitiful. It does not matter that they are not very long, the main thing is that they are artificial. ”Maxim, 31 years old.

5. When a woman compares a man with her ex

“If you like the type of your ex, then be with him.” Leonid, 41 years old.

6. When women inadvertently talk about past adventures

“Does it really seem to you that this really gets a man or something like that?” No, it is not. Leave these memories for gatherings with friends. ”Victor, 35 years.

7. When women are too naked

“One of the greatest ways of attraction is the male imagination. It is enough to tempt us just mentally. ”Yuri, 29 years old.

8. Square eyebrows

“This sucks. It looks like a mask. It's vulgar. ”Igor, 43 years old.

9. Women's independence

“This is actually very encouraging for us, men: we understand that we will not have to lead a woman like a blind puppy, that we will not need to constantly correspond. Nevertheless, it is extremely unpleasant when it seems that a girl behaves detachedly without a valid reason. ”George, 33 years old.

10. Female underwear

“This is just underwear, and it doesn’t require that much space to be so creative in choosing this item of women's wardrobe. Women, don't bother too much! ”Edward, 39 years old.

11. False Eyelashes

“They are just besomink men! Like artificial nails, ridiculous eyebrows, pouting lips. ”Mikhail, 40 years old.

12. Cosmetics

"Less is better. We like the natural beauty. We don’t like to eat lipstick from the lips and feel the taste of powder. ”Anatoly, 37 years old.

13. Fall asleep hugging each other

“You women have ever had a long sleep on one side, and so would like to lie on the other side, but you can not? This is the most uncomfortable thing in the world. ”Sergey, 29 years old.

14. Red color

“Some women think that red color very much attracts men. Wear the color red if you really like it, not because you think you should attract men. ”Peter, 41

15. When a woman exhausts herself with diets.

“Seriously, men do not want and they do not need you to look like a glamor model with zero size clothes. Men like forms, personal qualities, kindness and honesty with light notes of madness. ”Valery, 43 years old.

16. Workaholic Woman

“It's great that you want to advance your career, but a man needs time for hugs. Just remember this always. ”Eldar, 31 years old.

17. When it is called "daddy"

“No need, he already has a daughter, who is so drawn to him. “Daddy” from the lips of a beloved woman is disgusting. ”Dmitry, 39 years old.

18. Wrong opinion about men.

“Girls are annoyed because they think that men want only physical relationships, play video games, drink beer, watch football, and they don’t need anything else.” Roman, 33 years old.