5 ways to look young, not youthful: tips stylists

Always admire women who know how to stay in the trend of modern fashion, and not "freeze" in the image that was relevant in their youth. But in adulthood, it is important to maintain a balance, do not bend too much, so you should not blindly try all the youth fashion pieces, as a teenage girl can afford, you should carefully filter them through the prism of your age and appearance.

Below you will find 5 recommendations on how to skillfully use fashionable youth trends and what should be avoided so that you are considered young and stylish, and not youthful and funny.

Sport chic

Sportswear, sweatshirts, jackets in combination with the usual classic skirts, pants and accessories will emphasize your avant-garde, while not looking vulgar.

Oversized style

If the height and shape allows, you can give preference to the overlays style. Coats, blazers, sweaters and cardigans are still trendy trends. Voluminous things will emphasize your modernity, and at the same time they will not betray the discrepancy between age and fashion, as can happen if you use more ambitious trends.

Fashion jeans

High-rise jeans (mom-style) are very relevant and are a hit of youth fashion. However, using such an accent in the image, it is worth making the rest of the details more neutral. And do not overdo it with denim raggedness.

Inscriptions on clothes

But the trend among young people - T-shirts and long sleeves with inscriptions - may look a bit strange on a more adult lady. In any case, such things should not be too catchy and shocking, and also as in the previous paragraph, it is recommended to combine them with more neutral elements of the bow.

The combination of male and female

The unisex style (men's shirts, trousers, jackets in men's style) is a very fashionable trend among young people. This is also one of the trends that will not make a more vulgar or naive older woman, but will emphasize her style and ability to feel the spirit of the times.