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6 things that you should really protect so that outsiders do not know about them

There is something that you should not share with others, because these things are so purely personal that it is better to leave room for them only in your own soul and to keep and cherish. The exception is the closest and closest people, but you certainly choose the border of what can be said and what is not.

1. Family conflicts

Another long-standing proverb says that it is not worth taking out the dirty linen in public. What is happening in your home, leave in possession of only you and your spouse. People are very fond of gossip and gossip regarding someone else's personal life, and very often this can then be used against you.

2. Diseases and health problems

Another aspect of life that should not be made public, because health is an extremely sensitive and personal topic. Think 10 times before discussing your illnesses even with your own man, because very few people have a pleasant and interesting topic besides yourself.

3. Income level

If you do not want to be the object of gossip, discussion and envy, make the topic of your financial situation a taboo for others. By the way, to cry and complain about the lack of money is also not worth it - people always perceive it as very one-sided and too hostile.

4. Moral values ​​and life priorities

This should be known only to those closest to people, the rest is absolutely not necessary to be in the know, why you took this or that position in life, and how you came to this. It is better to leave this topic out of discussion, and not to explain anything to anyone. I live as I want. And that's all.

5. Plans for the future

"You want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans." Dream, wish, plan, but do not tell about it until your plans are fulfilled. First of all, there is a high probability of “jinxing” your own future, and secondly, if the plans fail to come true, you will not feel uncomfortable in the eyes of others.

6. Own positive qualities

Of course, it is very pleasant to praise yourself and tell you how good, generous, courageous and efficient you are. But, you see, all this looks too proud and arrogant. And, most importantly, a truly good person will never boast of his good intentions.