How to dye and how to cut your hair: 9 luxury ideas

Dilemma: you want to get a haircut, brush your hair in the spring, but value your hair length and are not ready to cut off more than a centimeter. We do not blame you for this. In fact, the victim of the autumn depression is often our hair (along with a fresh repair and update of the wardrobe).

And we, like anyone else, know how long it takes to grow hair like a mermaid. While hair cut to the same length does not need anything special, flirty styling is what is needed for girls who protect the length of their hair. Plus, if you regularly cut the tips of the hair - it will help grow the strands faster.

When cold windy winter days make your hair dry and bulky, some attractive styling will help your hair look good again. (Especially these haircuts go well with this year’s fashionable balayazh style).

For example, from a haircut in layers, ladies with thick hair can feel the lifting effect, while the owners of fine hair will enjoy the vibrancy. We have collected the best types of haircuts and styling layers for long hair, thanks to which they will be fresh, updated and rejuvenating.

Ash Blonde with Curls


Chocolate brown with straightened strands


Golden blonde and haircut in several layers


Cascade with bangs

Chestnut ombre in two layers

Straight light sandy hair layers


Strawberry blond thin layers


Multi-layered wavy haircut in moko shade


Long blond hair with soft layers