A life

A woman who can't stand a woman

The fact that there is a male friendship we all know very well, and it has long been proven. Men stand behind each other with a mountain, put up a chest to protect a comrade from a flying bullet, and are ready to give the last piece for the sake of a friend. With the relationship of women among themselves everything is somewhat more complicated and confusing. Yes, we find amongst our own friends, but are these relationships really sincere and close? Or is it more like the competition "Who is more successful", endless jealousy, comparison with yourself and gloating, when something like a close friend has something bad?

Remember, since childhood, we, girls, are compared with other girls and constantly put someone in the example. Katya is higher, Lena is learning better, Masha has a thicker spit, Vika has more friends, and the list goes on and on. Our mothers and grandmothers, from the best, of course, motives, constantly belittle us and find someone who is better, more successful, higher, more beautiful, etc. It is at this moment that envy arises in the heart of every girl. The one who in ten years will begin to choke and twist us when we see that our best friend today really looks better than us, and her sister quickly received a promotion for work. Alas, these feelings are familiar to each of us, and it would be foolish to deny them.

Another factor that calls into question female friendship is that we perceive each individual of the female as a potential rival, even the best friend. We zealously guard our man and do not let anyone closer to him than on a cannon shot. And, I must say, correctly, because the stories are full of millions of cases in which the closest friends, who seemed to be never able to betray, took away the men.

For a better understanding of the situation, I suggest you turn to the animal world. Many monkeys live in packs, and female monkeys have a habit of moving from one pack to another. And so, when they come to the new “family,” the leaders and elders in the form of female monkeys arrange for them a real school of survival — they shuffle, offend, and beat until the beginners get used to it and become their own.

Recall a practically similar situation when a new female worker comes to a predominantly female team, and they are satisfied with exactly the same dark one. Notice, usually not men, but women find an outcast for themselves, and through this renegade self-satisfaction. Just like animals. Such is our female nature, and nothing can be done about it.

Therefore, the reasons for our girlish hostility to each other lie deep in the subconscious and have psychological motives. Our advice to you: trust, but check, for even the best friend can become the wife of your husband.