7 things that make a man attach to a woman and want to marry her

Entire days are devoted to perpetuating such cliches, but they are ridiculous for men. Men are rather complex creatures, they have secret wish lists of emotional needs that women can or cannot meet.

Nevertheless, men are quite simple in their desires - so simple that only a few women do not notice the thin line between ordinary Stoics and deep despondency caused by a lack of mutual interest.

If your plans to become the wife of a beloved man, pay attention to the following 7 things. Their men always want to see in their future wives.

1. Moratorium on drama

Men allow women to get hysterical about what seems rather trivial the next day. But this does not mean that you can arrange such scenes in front of his friends and family.

2. Romance

Madness, right? What kind of man will be against the fact that you give him gifts as a sign of love or cook him a steak, and then also tell him that he is stunning and cool. How then can he not cry?

3. True

The reason why many men have problems with self-control, is that they are plagued by doubts that they are lying.

The next time when your man asks: “Who were you with?”, Torment him with a long story in detail, how you gossiped with your girlfriend Svetka about her ex-husband, what coffee houses you went to while she was discussing it all. Thus, he will not only be completely sure, but will never again bother you with his interrogations.

4. Silence

Some men are not as talkative as their second half would like. But in general, this does not apply to their partners, so they do not talk about it.

5. Dinner

You do not need to cook something delicious for a man every night, you do not need to pretend that you like the way he cooked pasta stew. But when you sometimes cook your favorite Bolognese sauce for your man after an incredibly difficult day, it’s the same as taking him to a shoe store.

6. The ability to really listen

When you feel that the man is distressed by something, make it clear that you will listen, but do not insist and leave him. The man himself will come when he is ready to discuss this issue again, which may never happen if it turns out to be a trifling situation.

7. Durable alliance

Perhaps this is not necessarily the marriage of your dreams from childhood, but the man wants to create a more perfect union with you - forever. He may hesitate because he worries if he made the right choice, if you are destined to be together forever, and not just to make you an offer just because you have been together for a couple of years.

Maybe he needs more time to think, but this is not because he is still thinking about other women. He cares about you and therefore weighs this decision carefully.