5 truths about men who need to know all women according to the men themselves


You can spend many years on relationships that will always end in about the same way, and not know why everything happens according to such a scenario. But as soon as you understand how men work, everything becomes much easier. No longer have to constantly analyze their words and real actions, go crazy with their guesses.

Here are five things that men want women to know:

1. They like to conquer you

Yes, you can easily attract the attention of men and intrigue. You know how to give an aura of confidence and how to be inaccessible. But in the end you must be "caught."

The reason why this “hunt” works is that it creates an illusion of confidence, and this is what men like. But what happens when he catches you?

Men really love to conquer women, men are by nature oriented toward goal achievement and rivalry, and the “hunt” for women contributes to these aspirations. Men need a woman who chooses him because he is the best, not because she is desperate, but he is the one who pays attention to her. He wants to feel that he won, and not what you need him to make you feel good.

Men need a very valuable woman, not a woman who plays games, just to get another one, because her real self is not good enough.

2. They also have emotional needs.

You may think that all they need is beer and intimacy to fully meet their needs. But the thing is: men also have emotional needs, they simply express them badly.

Men enter the world of emotional disclosure later than women. Boys do not share their deep secrets and feelings. They hang out and play video games. Men do not enter the sphere of emotions, until they begin to have relationships with women, so they are behind the years!

Everyone wears a certain mask. We do not show our true essence. We hide behind facades in real life and filters in virtual life. It is about seeing the true essence and appreciate this person.

If you show appreciation to get something from him, it will not work. That is why it is so important to be emotionally healthy before entering into a relationship. Only when you can go beyond your own desires and needs, can you truly see a man and make a connection.

3. Men move to positive

A revolutionary revelation about men: men move to what is good, and from what is bad.

Men are uncomfortable to navigate in the field of emotions. It is complicated, stunning and dirty. If they had a choice, they would only feel two emotions: calm and satisfaction.

Commitment is not a goal for most men. Men do not often meet in search of commitment. A man does not even realize this, when he is deeply committed to a woman, it just happens naturally. This is because his life is better with her than without her. This is because he is simply attached to her and wants more.

There is an idea that men are lovers or not lovers to enter into a serious relationship, but this is not so. Men are not afraid of relationships, they are afraid of being trapped.

When you rely on a man, because you find it hard, he is pleased. When you pounce on him, because your life is a mess, and you impose it, then it is not very good.

4. He needs to feel like a winner

This is the biggest and most life-changing revelation, which most women do not even suspect!

Men must feel that they are winning. He needs to feel that he is having a positive influence on the world, as if his efforts mean something. It may be a victory at his work, a victory to make you happy, or just fulfill your mission. Each person has a life mission, and what determines his level of happiness and overall satisfaction is whether he pursues him.

Men want to make their woman happy, but most of the time they don’t know how. A woman can give him clues, and when he does not do this, she becomes enraged, and he feels like a failure.

Do not make him fail. Make it feel like a winner. If you want him to do something, just tell him about it! If a person feels that he cannot “win,” making you happy, he will not want to be in a relationship.

5. He is not trying to hurt you

Yes Yes exactly. If you want to succeed in your personal life, you need to eliminate the idea that all men are evil scum.

Most men don't intentionally hurt you. In fact, they are afraid and do not want to do it. Men don't like to feel bad. This is not a very "winning" feeling.

Men also have flaws, insecurities and fears, so they do not cope well with confrontation or heavy emotional discussions. But they are not heartless creatures.

The fact is that men do bad things, but they are not bad people, and a little empathy on your part can often make a big difference.