About women who are constantly sawing their husbands

Back in my youth, I came across a wonderful book in my opinion - “100 Tips for a Real Woman.” The focus there was, of course, on how to properly behave with a man so that he did not run away. The tips were commonplace, but, it seemed to me, effective - to be gentle and docile, never shout, do not make quarrels from scratch, always be in full dress with makeup, wear lace underwear and cook deliciously. “What is simpler?”, I thought then, and decided that I would be the best wife for my future husband.

Since then, more than 15 years have passed. 3 years ago I divorced my husband, exhausted my nerves, earned a terrible depression and stomach ulcer on the nerves and radically revised my views on interaction with men. Alas, the book “100 tips for a real woman” did not help me to build family happiness. I honestly tried to be docile and sweet, wore sexy peignoirs, cooked borscht and did not roll up scandals.

Until that time, when my husband was still insolent at the end and turned into an absolutely unknown and alien tyrant - he lived at my expense, disappeared at night with friends, changed left and right, was rude, rude, and even several times weighed my slaps . And then I became the very “saw”, which the book “100 Tips for a Real Woman” categorically forbade to be. I cried, scandals, screamed, reproached, asked for a better life and did not understand why everything became so. I did all this not from a good life, but from the fear that a man in whom I once was one hundred percent sure had betrayed me and completely crushed me. I tried to protect myself, change it, save our marriage and become happy. My claims and scandals were a cry of despair, which grew into a wolfish howl.

After the divorce, I made a lot of conclusions for myself, even though it took a decent time. Now I am a completely different person who knows for sure that everyone has the limit of patience, and shouts, quarrels and scandals are a way to reach a once-loved person, in the hope that he will throw a saving circle.