5 gorgeous pairs of flat shoes that make you gorgeous

A luxurious woman is always associated with high-heeled shoes. However, all this is nothing more than old stereotypes. You can go the other way, and look very elegant even in flat shoes or with a small heel. We have collected 5 stylish and, most importantly, comfortable options.

Rough boots with metal elements

The main attribute of our favorite images in grunge style. Regardless of what you prefer. These shoes will be shoes for all times. They look great with jeans and cropped trousers, and with dresses and skirts. Well, the main thing is that each of the sets you compiled will be luxurious, unusual and elegant.
Leather Boots Zulal, 1

Boots of two materials

What is autumn and winter without stylish boots in black. Bright and unusual shoes are good, but it is the black boots that are notable for their special spontaneity and conciseness. The decorative buckle and the combination of the two materials make the classic boots more unique and interesting. And the lack of a heel will help you walk comfortably even on the most slippery ice.
Boots La Redoute Collections, 1 .;

Maroon chelsea

Chelsea by themselves look interesting and completely boring. This model is actively used in the images of stylish ladies who prefer elegant and spontaneous sets in the style of French chic. Special piquancy in the image adds color, deep, but at the same time, quite bright and luxurious. Even the simplest set with the participation of such shoes will be much more interesting.
Booties Crêpe, 1 .;

Black derby

This shoe is designed for those ladies who do not intend to sacrifice their comfort, but sports chic does not seem to them particularly attractive. Oxfords - this is the part that immediately makes your image elegant. In their spectacularity, they are quite comparable with high-heeled shoes, however, at the same time, they will not make you walk, stumbling, and take off swelling in your evenings.
OXFORK derby shoes,.;

Boots with graphic print

Prints can make any thing special, whether it's clothes or shoes. You should be careful with them, but you should definitely not avoid them. Such shoes are surprisingly self-sufficient, so we are not advising you to be especially zealous with accessories, as well as choosing bright things to match. To look your best and not get lost in the crowd, the simplest and most concise set will suffice.
Boots La Redoute Collections, 1

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