10 things you can't let a man even if he loves you very much


After you invest the years of your life in a man, his behavior can easily change for the worse towards you.

You may get used to it or worry about what may happen next. Open discussion of this problem with your man is an important first step. But if your partner does not get better after you have voiced your concerns, he may never change.

If you are worried that your standards or expectations are “too high”, then know that the following ten variants of male behavior are unacceptable in any relationship:

1. He can't stop lying

Men very often lie on small things to women (“dinner was great,” “this dress suits you very much”), but lying is usually harmful in any relationship and in any situation.

If you realize that your man is lying not only to you, but to other people, you should stop it right away, and if this continues, especially with you, it is better to leave him.

2. He is rude to your friends or family

We all have seen films in which a man does not get along with his relatives or friends of his chosen one. Although in the film it can be funny, but in real life it is much more dramatic and very disappointing.

Lack of respect for people who are important to you is also a lack of respect for you. Your man should care about those who matter to you, and no excuse or period of time can justify his behavior.

3. He is emotionally careless

Do not convince yourself that the negative actions of your loved one towards you are normal for a long-term relationship or that this “comes with time”. If your man controls, suppresses you or constantly makes you feel bad - this is emotional abuse. It is wrong to treat you in this way, no matter how much you have experienced together.

4. He treats you like a maid, cook or ATM

This is another thing that Hollywood likes to scoff at, but if you are always the only one who is cleaning, cooking, or giving money, then you have the wrong relationship.

Of course, it’s ok to help your man whenever possible. But if you return home and see that it is lying on the sofa, and dinner, laundry and cleaning are still waiting for you - this is not normal. It is not right when only one of you must fulfill most of the household duties.

5. He sets ultimatums.

At this point in your relationship, you should feel safe and be loved. If your man gives you his love and attention just because you are doing something for him, then something is wrong.

Ultimatums are tricky because they can often be disguised or presented with a playful presentation. For example, he says to you: “If you do not go shopping with me today, we will disperse.” The problem begins when most of what you end up doing is accompanied by threats or fear. For your partner should not be the norm to impose the conditions of your relationship.

6. He either denies intimacy, or does everything for his own pleasure.

If your intimacy only brought pleasure to your spouse, then something must change. Intimacy with a selfish or lazy man is unpleasant, she can make you feel unworthy. And this is absolutely not the case.

7. He refuses to talk about certain things.

If your man refuses to talk to you about the problems that threaten your relationship, then you can decide to leave.

To suppress all emotions in yourself, push your problems aside or laugh at them is like poison for your love. To convey to him the idea that you need to work on the relationship together, and if he refuses, it may be time to terminate this relationship.

8. He does not support you

Relationships - to be in the same team. Much of being in the same team means supporting each other. If your partner does not support your dreams, goals or ambitions - this is a warning sign.

When he actively discourages you from achieving your goals or shows no interest in your achievements, his lack of support is simply disrespectful.

9. He becomes evil or aggressive

If your man has such a complex character, then you should disperse. You deserve such an attitude, even if you swore to each other to be near all your life.

Stress due to a man who is constantly angry or aggressive to the outside world, is extremely unhealthy. Although it is wonderful that your partner is comfortable expressing his feelings near you, but this does not mean that he can also be allowed to pour his anger on you.

10. He is cheating on you.

You are by no means obliged to put up with his betrayal. Even if life without your man scares you, think about the advantages of such a life, and then ask yourself if you will be happier without him.

If he deceived you once and you forgave him - your choice. But if he continues to deceive you again and again, then you must stand your ground and do what is best for you. Remember that betrayal does not just happen and is not a “normal” thing, through which “all couples” pass.