4 fragrances that make a woman anti-seductive: the opinion of men

Everyone knows that fragrances play a significant role in our lives. The question of the emergence of a feeling of being in love with one person in relation to another on the basis of smell is at least debatable. Women have long learned to use fragrances to seduce men, but it also happens that instead of admiration, women's perfume causes only negative emotions from the opposite sex. We tried to figure out what men in women's fragrances do not like, and what can really push them away.

Perfume with a strong "male" component

During the formation of the pyramid of the perfume composition, several flavors are used, some of them are conventionally considered “brutal”, and some are “delicate” - on the basis of the frequency of use in men's or women's perfumery. Manufacturers can add traditionally "men's" notes to women's perfume - Udovo wood, sandalwood, coriander, leather - the list is very large. But if these notes are harmoniously felt on a man, then when a beautiful lady is standing in front of a guy, and she does not smell quite traditionally, a conflict occurs in his brain: “Believe eyes or smell?”.

These notes, as a rule, are not immediately disclosed and are looped, so before buying any perfume, you should check it during the day, and not be guided by the momentary impression - then you will understand for sure whether it contains these very "male" components, or not. This does not apply to "unisex" fragrances, which are a pleasant mystery, and usually fresh, but light enough for perception.

Sweet, sugary smells

Coconut, vanilla, caramel, marshmallow, chocolate - they adore the fair sex. After all, they are so delicious! But if the sweet tones of smell are present in the composition of the fragrance in the form of a single light note - this is one thing. When a woman smells like a confectionery factory, it causes a headache in men - literally! And the desire to run urgently to fresh air! In addition, too cloying aromas can make of you, at the associative level, a little girl, and the man wants to see next to him not a child, but an adult lady.

If you are too fond of “delicious” perfume, and are not ready to give it up for anything in the world, try to choose the option in which the sweetness will be diluted with a note of freshness or citrus - then it will sound completely different. And remember that one application will be quite enough to make you and those around you satisfied.


Lily of the valley, lilac, violet, rose - what could be more beautiful than a pure fragrance created by nature itself, unspoiled by alien elements, we think. But men believe that such fragrances are appropriate no longer on a young lady, but on a mature lady. After all, monoaromats will immediately add you a couple of decades. Remember that your fragrance enters the room first, and after it you yourself. In the head of a man, respectively, even before the appearance of the very bearer of the smell, your image arises in the consciousness, corresponding to it.

If you prefer this kind of perfume, choose the one that contains at least two complementary components, since monoaromat in its pure form is a bit simple. If you compare a perfume composition with a melody, it will be much more interesting if there are a lot of notes in it, and not just one - and here.

Marine, aquatic compositions

We women can think as much as possible that the aquatic scents are fresh, bold and sparkling, the stronger sex still considers them too harsh, intense and exclusively masculine. And therefore, in their opinion, sea notes sound on women, at least, strange, if not repulsive. A seaman should smell like a fisherman, a sailor, a pirate, but not a weak and defenseless woman - and that's it! But this does not mean that aqua chords must be abandoned altogether if you have a soul for them. They are very harmonious in the composition of the fragrance unisex, and are likely to be balanced by citrus, fruit or floral notes.

And further. Any fragrance, no matter how beautiful it is, causes in men a keen desire to run away from its owner, if she does not know the measure, when using it. Absolutely all the representatives of the strong half of humanity agree that it is better to let a woman not smell anything at all than the people around her will literally suffocate within a radius of five meters from her!