These 5 hairstyles will be your salvation in the autumn-winter period

Rain is our worst enemy when it comes to styling and, moreover, the style of “wet rat” is still not fashionable this season. Preparing hair for wet weather is actually not as difficult as it seems. To help in this matter, we picked up 5 light hairstyles that do not get spoiled by rainy weather.

Bulky tail

He looks cute, he is easy to make and can be easily hidden under an umbrella. Just put the hair in a high tail, separate one strand from it and wrap it around the elastic band so that it is not visible. Then mix the tail to add volume, and be sure to use hairspray. For even greater volume, you can hide the crab in the middle of the tail, as close as possible to the elastic band. This little secret will make your hair more spectacular.

Low beam

This hairstyle is not only light in execution, but also invulnerable to rain. To make this hairstyle, collect the hair in a low tail, leaving one strand. Do not pull the entire tail to the end to form a "loop". The remaining strand wrap the tail, masking the gum. You can also release a few strands of face to create a softer and more relaxed image, and do not forget to finish all the hairspray.

Half up half down

This is the perfect hairstyle for rainy weather, as it removes hair from the face, which tends to become disheveled in the first place. Raising part of the hair up, you only need to worry about the length of the remaining, what will comb and serum. To make this hairstyle, simply gather a piece of hair on top of the ponytail, as careless as you want. Then wrap the tail around the elastic band to make an improvised bundle, and secure it with stealth. At the end, apply hairspray to fix the hair.

Dutch tail with a scythe

To make this beautiful hairstyle - braid two Dutch braids side by side along one side of your head. First, take the strands closer to your hairline and separate the rest of the hair. Braid the Dutch braid from it, then select another level section and start the second braid next to it. When you make the braids, pull a little strand so that they look bigger. And it can also help to hide the parting between the braids, if necessary, use stealth. After that, collect all the hair in a low tail and wrap a wrap gum.

Classic sloppy bundle

The last but no less convenient option is a sloppy bunch, beloved by all the girls. There are many ways to make it, but we think that the easiest way is to make a bunch, spinning a high tail, and create the desired shape with invisible ones. It also helps to make this hairstyle more resistant to bad weather. Be sure to release a couple of strands from the face and fix all varnish.
PinterestWe hope that you liked these images as well as us, and you are inspired for the upcoming rainy days. And remember, there is nothing that we could not beat with a bottle of hairspray and invisible ...