A life

Moscow happiness for provincials

My work office, unfortunately, is right next to an elite gymnasium, where extremely rich machos with indecently thick wallets go to train. Not so long ago, I noticed that the gym became a “fishy” place for provincials who come to Moscow for the sole purpose - with the help of “external tuning” to tear off a piece in the form of a rich peasant who will feed, dress, maintain and pay for vacation. All this is not for nothing, of course.

Moreover, such hunters for an easy life can be seen immediately - on the defiant outfits, blond colored hair, 15-centimeter hairpins and combat make-up. These girls immediately look out for a sacrifice for themselves at the same time and in every possible way fool her.

So, why am I this: recently I became a witness to one pictorial picture. A handsome athletic man comes out of the elite gym, behind him, swaying on his heels, Madame is running, shaking her breasts in 4 sizes and with perfectly long legs. "Man, will you give me a lift?" My driver is late, but I need it very urgently. ” The man, looking the girl from head to toe, replies with a smile: “How not to help such a beauty? Of course, I'll give you a lift! ”

And they are heading straight for his car. The hunter is already taking his arm, so that everyone knows that this trophy is hers. But here she sees his vehicle - an old broken-down foreign car. Then she stops abruptly and almost runs, running back, screaming something unintelligible as she goes, like “I forgot something, don't wait for me.” The man smirks, gets into the car and drives away. And I just marvel at these provincial fools - how much are their values ​​turned upside down and distorted in life ?!