5 ways to look gorgeous, even if you're from the Russian hinterland

Yes, that’s what they really say, referring to the love of Russian women for bright and fanciful sets, which loses against the background of those who prefer minimalist images of Europeans. However, this national trait has long since sunk into oblivion. And as evidence, we collected 5 very stylish images of ordinary Russian women.

Laconic image with bright leather jacket

A perfectly composed set might have seemed minimalist in a European way, but the bright details make it special. Only one self-sufficient bright leather jacket takes him beyond the framework of a simple everyday outfit, and gloves (it is fashionable to freeze completely to nothing) and kepi complete it. And, finally, dark glasses that can always be worn, and not only when the sun is shining, will complement the set.

Man's look

The Russian woman, as they say, enters the burning hut, and stops the galloping horse. It is expressed in style. Our women are happy to wear men's twos and look great in them. Well, and most importantly, they do not look too brutal at all, keeping femininity and attractiveness in their images. Aerobatics!

Laconic image

What could be simpler than putting on pants and a jumper? But your kit, however, will not look boring if you properly manage these things. A white jumper is good in itself, pants look great if they sit properly, and accessories will do everything for you and add sophistication.

Image with pleated skirt

Living proof that the winter skirt looks great when combined with the right sweater. Bright colors, a coat as a reference to elegance and stylish high boots will not let you go unnoticed. This is the best example of how to look interesting with minimal losses.

Image with an oversized sweater and a slit skirt

Even a winter look can be sexy. You can bring it to life, for example, by combining a magnificent skirt with a slit (a stylish print as a bonus) and an elegant oversized one-shoulder sweater. Such a thing will definitely not add you extra pounds, and, conversely, will make you attractively fragile. Pay attention to the combination of shades. Bright colors in harmonious combination definitely win before bright ones.