4 shoe trends with which everyone will be obsessed in 2019

If we talk about the shoe trends of 2019, then in the coming year at the peak of popularity will be bold, bright models with many details - with feathers, crystals and unusual silhouettes. These shoes are perfect for New Year's parties, so you do not need to wait for the fashion season in 2019 to wear the main trends of the coming year. You can do it now!

Get ready to make your nearest shopping list, for example, black feather mules and a pair of square-toed sandals. Next year we will also witness the return of ballet shoes - they have already included in their collections such large fashion houses as Dior and Stella McCartney.

So, here are the key shoe trends of 2019 that are relevant now.

Square toe sandals

Thanks to favorite brands of mods around the world, Burberry and Balenciaga - square-toe sandals promise to become one of the main shoe trends of the coming year. But now such shoes are extremely relevant - especially on Instagram.
Sandals Zara,.; By the way, if you are not ready to wait for the warm season, we suggest paying attention to boots or ankle boots with the same square nose.
Zara Boots;

Feather Shoes

Sandals, mules, or heeled sandals promise to be a huge trend in 2019. Our list of favorites includes Valentino models with feathers on the back. In such shoes - and for a party and for a walk with friends.
Miu Miu Ballet Flats, price on request; For cooler weather, you can look out for a pair of luxurious sneakers draped with decorative feathers.
Sneakers Premiata, price on request;

Ballet shoes

Ballet has become the inspiration for many designers. So, Maria Grazia Kyuri held the whole spring-summer Dior show in the spirit of ballet dance. So, ballet flats are back in fashion. Especially popular are models with ribbons that can be tied with a bow on the foot, as true primo do.
Ballet Flats Arket,.; arket.comToday, in conditions of sub-zero temperatures, we suggest using ribbons as laces on your shoes.

Shoes with rhinestones

Thanks to Miu Miu and Christopher Kane, rhinestone-decorated shoes have become the main disco trend of 2019. In this shoe, you can safely go to any party, and they will not one and not two, because the New Year holidays are not far off.
Müli Zara;