How to read a man’s body language, according to astrology


To understand what a man really thinks and feels is not as simple as it seems. It is even more difficult to do this when communicating with a person not by tete-a-tete, but by phone or on social networks. The fact is that live communication has a very important advantage. You see the gestures and facial expressions of a person that can tell you much more than just words.

Body language is mostly unconscious, and people rarely can control it. And if you learn to understand a man’s body language and interpret it, you can better understand a man.

Astrology can help you in this. Sometimes, under what sign of the zodiac we were born, on the one hand, affects how we communicate, and on the other, how we perceive information and how we should read the interlocutor's body language.


You tend to trust your first impressions. However, you should be more attentive to everything - and to what the man says, and how he does it. It is also important for you to follow your own body language and your reactions. Your integrity can be attractive if you do not use it impulsively.


You are very actively using your body language in communication. Such openness may be able to push your man to be more open and to express more of his emotions non-verbally. You just have to read them.

But be careful - you tend to be stubborn and impose your opinion on a man. This can make a man close in on himself. So be more receptive and open to his thoughts.


As a sign ruled by Mercury, Gemini is a mater of communication. They are very perceptive and open. So for you, Gemini, it will not be difficult to get a man closer.

But remember one thing - a man may be less sociable than you, so try not to put pressure on him if he is laconic.


Your intuition is very developed, and you read non-verbal signals well. So you don’t even have to learn to understand the interlocutor’s body language - you can do it anyway.

However, it is important not to forget about your own gestures and facial expressions during communication. Try not to hide in a protective shell. Give the man a chance to understand you, and he will do the same for you.

a lion

You are the soul of the company and very sociable. However, you are often limited to a general and rather superficial idea of ​​a person. And yet - it’s more comfortable for you to communicate in a group of people than with someone one-on-one.

Therefore, you should train your one-on-one communication skills. Learn to judge a person not only by the wrapper - watch how he presents himself and how confidently he behaves.


It is sometimes difficult for you to read non-verbal information, although you speak your own body language very well. Perhaps it is better to understand a person that your excitement hinders you - usually you are nervous, because you want everything to go perfectly.

Pay attention to the posture and the eyes of men. How confident is he? If a man does not meet your expectations - and does not make efforts to fix it - perhaps he does not suit you.


Body language for you - an unexplored subject. You have a wonderful imagination, which is often very useful, but not in the case of the interpretation of non-verbal gestures. Your imagination can prevent you from correctly interpreting the gestures and words of a man. Therefore, try to perceive what the man says, literally, without embellishing. Afterwards, when you know a man better, it will be easier for you to read his body language.


You are very closed and very rarely express your true feelings and emotions. Meanwhile, a man can not be sincere with you, if you are not open and not honest with him.

Therefore, relax and express more emotions - this in turn will set the man to sincerity, and you can get to know him better.


You are very honest - and sometimes even too much. Honesty can be both constructive and destructive. In order not to spoil relations with a man, be more restrained in expressing what you think about him and how you interpret his body language.

Be more condescending and patient - and be attentive to what the man says.


You are very insightful, so not a single gesture of a man will remain unnoticed by you. Just be careful - do not make hasty conclusions and do not decide everything for a man. Better let him speak for himself.


You are very intelligent and have good body language. The only problem is that you do not like to communicate. Therefore, put your feelings aside and immerse yourself in communication with a man. Here your non-verbal gesture reading skills will come in handy.


Body language is inextricably linked with emotions, and emotions are your super power. Therefore, non-verbal communication you have to perfection. Just make sure that you do not get carried away and did not follow your imagination. Be a bit more mundane while communicating in order to properly perceive information.