A woman who is devoted to her husband very often remains devoted to them.

Recently, I increasingly wonder: why do men usually betray the very best women, good ladies, beauties, those who love them and are surrounded by all the care and affection that they have? The statistics of the collapsed families among my friends and acquaintances are very sad: almost every once-happy wife is now crying and burning from pain, humiliation and suffering.

This is a banal word "treason" ... Such a simple, and such a complex, crushing life, sweeping away everything in its path and forcing women to become strong, against all odds. Can I forgive treason? A betrayal may be possible, but the insult will always live in the heart. And what psychologists, fortune-tellers and psychics do not go to - it is almost impossible to get rid of the insult.

Well, think for yourself, the one whom you considered the best man on Earth, the one whom you unconditionally believed, helped and met, betrays you. It's like a knife in the back, even worse. What to do after this? How to live on? Scandals and tantrums? Deal with his mistress? Divorce? Waiting for everything to settle down by itself? Each woman chooses her own version and experiences her betrayal. But the fact that after betrayal family life will never be the same - this is one hundred percent.

And in fact, as a rule, the injured party is always more affected because it was she who was hurt, injured, destroyed the whole world and cruelly deceived. A man usually bathes in another life, thrills, new emotions, which, as it seems to him, were lacking in the family. And a woman is looking for guilt in herself, trying to save everything, is going crazy, crying at night, and completely losing her own self-esteem.

But, if, after the betrayal, you could stand up, proudly straighten up, draw conclusions and go further means you are an incredible strong woman. The one that, despite all the trials, wounds and upheavals, was able to live, find joy, move forward and not hang in the past pain. No, not to spite a man, his mistress and those around him. And for the sake of yourself, because only after an incredible pain you understand that the most important thing is you yourself and your own life. And only you can make her happy and rich.