5 things that a well-groomed woman won't do

No matter how perfect and well-groomed we may seem, everyone has skeletons in the closet that we don’t really want to talk about. Perhaps you own the technique of professional makeup and friends always admire your smooth arrows and impeccable tone on your face, but they do not even suspect that you rarely wash your hands. Or worse, wear your make-up for several days in a row. What are women trying to keep silent about and what unites them so?

Most do not wash makeup at night

At night, the skin should rest. And how will she rest if a whole bunch of “cargo” in the form of sweat, dust, soot from the exhaust gases of cars, securely fixed with a thick layer of cosmetics, has accumulated on it for the whole day? The skin will not rest, but suffocate! But, even perfectly aware of the danger of waking up the next morning with a sore face, a girl who didn’t go to bed at least once “in full dress” didn’t exist in nature! Even if some claim that they are not!
@ cansinsahin_blogOutlet: You should always rinse off cosmetics before bedtime! Even if you are very tired. Even if just fall down. Even if tomorrow is no beauty. This will take about 10-15 minutes. On the social network, 15 minutes can be found. It means that there will be time and strength for this too. Everything is very simple, especially since such excellent gentle beauty products such as mycelial water, hydrophilic oil for removing waterproof makeup have appeared - they will significantly reduce your efforts and the time spent on this vital procedure for your skin.

Apply a new makeup over the old

Daytime makeup smoothly turns into ... evening! This is still half the trouble - although, in an amicable way, and this is unacceptable. And it happens that, waking up the morning with yesterday's makeup, slightly corrected - and as good as new! Colleagues at work, friends, even your own boyfriend can try to cheat, but your own skin can not be fooled - and she can severely take revenge on her offender with rashes, acne, allergies, contact dermatitis and other unpleasant consequences. To the hostess more discouraged!
@ cansinsahin_blog Exit: Remember, or rather write down and hang in a visible place: from the side, a new make-up, put on top of the old make-up, is very noticeable, even if you are sure of the opposite. Especially in daylight. And then try to prove that it was intended! Isn't it better to do it all over again, but how should it be?

Do not wash brushes and sponges after each use.

Why wash them over and over again? They, that, sweep the floor? The face is clean, so they must be clean! Everything seems logical. Some girls still have a healthy sense of self-preservation sometimes, and once a week they somehow caress the makeup tools in some water. Some people think about it only after the terrible rash on the face or after the proverbial brush becomes a stake, and it will simply be impossible to use it.
@ cansinsahin_blog Exit: You need to wash makeup tools after each use - this applies not only to brushes and sponges (although they are the largest breeding grounds for bacteria and other “living things”), but also tweezers for curling eyelashes, tweezers - in short, everything that contacts with your skin. Tools should be washed in warm soapy water and then rinsed several times and let them dry.

Manually Fighting Acne

Point one of our list is added to point two, multiplied by point three - and you're done! "Beauty" on all face! But even if a girl does not sin with the first three disgusting habits, no one is immune from this misfortune - PMS, medication, stress, climate change, blemishes in the diet can trigger acne. And few of the girls have enough willpower to keep their playful hands away from the cause of their anxiety and not to squeeze it (this reason)! I do not know such persistent. Cosmetologists do not advise to push acne on their own - but who listens to them! The fact is that they know a terrible secret - if you don’t touch a pimple, it will pass itself in a day - in a maximum of two, you just have to eliminate the reason for its appearance. And if you squeeze it, discomfort, inflammation, a scar can ruin your mood for a much longer period of time!
@ cansinsahin_blog Exit: Beat your hands if you want to squeeze out a pimple in a prominent place in a prominent place! It is necessary to understand the reason for its appearance and eliminate the cause, and not blame the consequence. If a pimple is one and the cause is not found, just leave it alone - it will disappear by itself. Most likely, in the morning of the next day there will be no trace of him. And to speed up his disappearance, to begin with, clean your face thoroughly (mycelial water, milk, cream, make-up mousse - what suits you and what you like), and then dry the problem area - you can use tea tree oil (for fans of naturalness) or special remedies for acne, which are sold in a pharmacy (for those who prefer radical means).

Use testers of decorative cosmetics and perfume in stores

Why buy expensive lipstick, if right next to the house there is an excellent online store of cosmetics and perfumery, which you can drop into before work and add the final touch to your business image! And the color is exactly what you need, and completely free! They also invented them specifically for this, right? It is not clear who smeared this lipstick before you, hardly anyone thinks - and in vain! The best peddler of herpes, skin diseases, or even more terrible and can not be invented! This point also concerns the lipstick of the girlfriend - it’s not a fact that a week ago this lipstick did not disguise the “cold” on the lips. With the perfume, everything is not so bad, because the direct contact of the liquid in the bottle with the skin of another person does not occur, but you still need to wash your hands after using the tester.
@ cansinsahin_blog Exit: You do not eat with a fork, which was picked up in the garbage, even without washing it? So here - you can pick up a disease, the name of which you read only the third time - and then by syllables! Decorative and care cosmetics belong to the category of personal hygiene products and use, so only you should use them - and no one else!