5 most unpleasant things in female appearance from the point of view of men

Sometimes the views on attractiveness of women and men are diametrically different. And the fact that we may like crazy, because it is very fashionable, and so all go, men can push away and cause only a puzzled smile.

1. Hair and eyelashes

It is not clear why most women are wildly delighted with glued lashes and puppet hair. After all, it all looks at most extremely unnatural, fake, and even vulgar. From the words of men, flapping artificial eyelashes and ashy fake hair immediately catches the eye with its repulsive appearance.

2. Pouting lips

Another fashion trend of our time. Moreover, it is believed that the more swollen and splashing lips, the more beautiful and sexier it looks. Over the eyes of a man called such women ducks. And their manner of taking pictures of themselves is especially amusing, folding their lips with their “ass” so that their size seems even larger.

3. Long sharp nails.

This tribute to fashion is time to leave in the early 2000s. Now long, extended nails are not at all relevant, and if they are also sharpened, then it resembles Baba Yaga's manicure. Men say they are afraid of such women, because who knows them, suddenly they accidentally dab their eyes with their sharp instrument.

4. Tanning in a solarium

Periodically, in the winter, there are girls on the street who look like fireheads burned in a bonfire. The result of this - an artificial tan from the tanning bed, which is too far too far. Moreover, this color of roasted chicken in an oven is not at all accidental, but deliberately and purposefully. Even if you want in the winter time not to look too pale and emaciated, just a few sessions in a tanning salon will last for several minutes, so that the tan is slightly golden and natural.

5. Black arrows on eyes and red lips

Perhaps, in some situations, lady-by-you makeup looks successful, but not in everyday life. According to men, women who are too brightly made up, firstly, are associated with girls of easy virtue, and secondly, they make you feel a sense of fear and a desire to run away to the ends of the earth.