Secured women do not spend much - they dress correctly: 8 tips

In an ideal world, we would have an unlimited budget for clothes. But in fact, just because we don’t spend millions on our outfits doesn’t mean that we cannot look what we want. Here are eight tricks to help make your outfit look more expensive.

Make a fit

Trust us: the perfect fit of clothes exactly to your figure can raise your outfit to a whole new level. For example, a blazer and pants that fit perfectly on you will look like a million, no matter how much they cost.

Fill the jacket

This is a super simple trick, but it works almost always. Tucked pants or skirt top instantly add sophistication to your image and make everyone think as if you are not leaving fashion boutiques.

Wear one color from head to toe.

We are big fans of monochrome images. Not only is it very easy to create them (after all, you just need to pick one color), they are also very fashionable and look just gorgeous. Everyone will ask what brand you are wearing.

Wear basic items.

Is there anything innovative in the combination of black pants with a white shirt and a black blazer? Not. But this is a win-win way for all occasions, which is easy to create. This is a sharp look that is easy to nail down. Pile trends on top of trends, on the other hand, can go from stylish to cheap in no time.

Keep your wardrobe in immaculate condition.

Especially accessories. Dirty sneakers or a shabby bag look untidy - even if the rest of your band is fine.

Invest in a quality bag

What you can safely save on is accessories. Think for yourself: you can wear jeans and a T-shirt from H & M, but when you have a great quilted bag from Furla - it will attract attention and make your look very expensive. This accessory you can wear every day and be sure that you look like a million.

Be careful with prints.

Crazy prints are fun and fashionable, but they can also look a bit out of place and chaotic. Therefore, if your goal is to look elegant, stick to bold, but “classic” prints, such as a leopard print, for example. And combine it with neutral shades: black, white or gray.

Choose a long hem

For the mini, of course, there is a time and place, but, in general, a skirt or dress of medium length always looks more refined.