6 clever tricks that will make a man call you

A familiar situation: a perfect date, one hundred percent coincidence of interests, kisses under the moon. And so, the whole next day, you are impatiently waiting for his call, since, according to the rules of etiquette, a lady is not fit to do it first, and the phone is silent. This situation can be not only at the very beginning of a relationship, but also later, when a woman dials his number without waiting for a call.

Or another common situation: a man only corresponds with you when you want to receive calls from him. What to do in this situation?

Here are 6 tricks that will make a man just call you:

1. Promise him something intriguing.

In other words, lure a man with something interesting, unexpected, and stirring up desire. Speak about it as if casually during a date, and be sure that he will call himself. After all, men are like children: show them candy in a bright wrapper, and they will immediately run to you.

2. Stop meeting at the most interesting place.

For example, at the moment when your kisses and hugs become especially hot and gain a greater degree of heat. He is all so hot, and here you are, once and sharply announcing that you have to go home. After such an exciting “breakup”, the man will not write exactly, namely, he will call you back to offer to meet again.

3. Leave a lasting impression

For example, captivate him with your wit, sense of humor, lightness, tenderness or beauty. Options - the mass. After meeting with such a miracle woman, a man will definitely not be able to forget you and will definitely call first to schedule another date.

4. Praise sincerely if he takes the initiative first

And it does not matter what exactly - in the next meeting, a tender kiss, joint plans for the weekend or just takes you by the hand. Men are very greedy for flattery and praise, it acts on them as a psychological anchor, which later will remind you that this act must be repeated again and again. And it is quite possible that the phone call will also be included in this list.

5. Do not be annoying

The paradox of a relationship with a man is that one has only to pull away a woman, show coldness and stop expressing his love aggressively, as the man immediately activates and begins to eagerly draw attention to himself. The same is true with phone calls: try to abruptly disappear, do not respond to his messages on social networks and SMS at all. We give the head, soon he "draws" and calls himself.

6. Ask him for a call.

The easiest way is to simply tell the man that you would like him to call you and not write you. As you know, the representatives of the stronger sex absolutely do not understand the hints and workarounds, so feel free to voice what you want, and then the probability of the fulfillment of your desire will increase to almost one hundred percent.