10 unpleasant symptoms that your relationship - this is serious and for a long time


When we enter a new relationship, we often embellish their future in our expectations, drawing perfect pictures in our imagination. Time passes, our relations become strong and serious, and with it periodically there are situations that are uncomfortable for both partners. Some women mistakenly believe these are bad signs. But in reality, such things are characteristic precisely for a serious relationship.

Here are 10 unpleasant symptoms that you and your man have created a strong union:

1. You have unpleasant conversations.

You talk about your past. You talk about your ex. You talk about religion, politics and everything else that you were warned not to talk about. There are no secrets in the healthy relationship between you. Both of you are like open books. You can pour out each other's soul.

2. You acknowledge your mistakes

You don't let arguments get out of control. When you are angry with each other, you can calmly talk about what is bothering you - and you do not blame the other person for everything that went wrong. You are able to admit your mistakes. You sincerely apologize for everything. And you promise that in the future everything will be better.

3. You see each other and in the worst condition

Although it may be risky, you open access to this side of yours. You let him see you cry. You let him see you when you feel bad, when you snort or vomit. You are not hiding anything from it.

4. You discuss your fears for the future.

In a mature relationship, you can talk about anything, including your concern for your love relationship. You discuss your obligations, problems with refusal and trust. And then you come up with the best way to move together further so that your love lasts as long as possible.

5. Your physical proximity is not always good.

Sometimes you experiment. Sometimes you say something awkward when you say obscenity. Sometimes you try to look attractive, but instead look awkward. You feel comfortable trying new things together, even if they do not always happen as planned.

6. You completely trust him

After all that you have experienced in the past, it is difficult to begin to trust someone, but you still do it. You let him meet with friends. You let him have fun without you. And you believe that he will not hurt you.

7. You unite families

Although you were brought up differently, you need to be sure that your parents will get to know each other, making sure that the two families will come together. There will be awkward moments, but at least you will be all together.

8. You spend time separately

You do not need to be constantly with your chosen one. You have your friends, career and life. Although you are partners, both of you have maintained your independence. You understand that in healthy relationships it is absolutely normal to spend some time separately, instead of spending together every moment.

9. You give your soulmate all yourselves

It can be scary, but you give him every bit of yourself. You let him see you present. Knowing all that he knows about you, he could easily hurt you - but you believe that he will never do that.

10. You become more mature together

You get wrinkles. You gain weight. You stop looking like you looked when you first met. You get older together, this is an unpleasant feeling, but you will still love each other more than anything else.