The main feature that distinguishes a real woman

We women are by nature much more adventurous, resourceful and smarter than men. And let them talk about the perverted female logic, which is not susceptible to any understanding, it is she who does wonders.

Well, who, if not us, is able to bypass all prohibitions, obstacles and crawl through any obstacles in order to get what you want? Remember at least scarce Soviet times, when our women literally from burlap managed to sew wonderful dresses for themselves, use water with sugar instead of hairspray, dye eyelashes with coal, use lily inflorescences instead of an eyeliner, darn torn pantyhose so masterly that they could be worn at least a year, and cook soup on the water, giving it a taste of meat. Yes, there was not much, some were simply banned, but women dodged, looked for a way out, came up with solutions and got theirs.

Yes, now there is not that total lack, but the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our ladies is still amazing. We take loans and get a second job to buy a cherished coat, we have hundreds of useful acquaintances who can help in case of anything, we will crawl into any loophole and get out of any impasse.

In difficult situations and upheavals of life, it is women who take on the role of savior, frantically searching for a way out, trying various options and never giving up. And men, as a rule, dutifully fold their arms, fall into apathy and depression, and without a murmur float down the stream. Probably, they just need to take a little saving female logic, and everything will be fine.