These 17 principles of life suggest that you have achieved wisdom.

1. Silence no longer makes you nervous

Everyone likes to hear sounds, music, laughter. You want to talk to people who inspire you. But good conversations are as good as the pauses between them. When you can sit in silence, without explaining anything, without analyzing or apologizing.

2. You are looking for mutual benefit ...

In friendship and in love there are always moments when you give more than you receive - this is not right. When you are on the right path, you are able to accept the same amount of good that you give yourself, and not accept the lesser.

3. ... and it is not difficult for you to wait

Being afraid to miss something is common to many people. When you stop treating your life as something hopeless, you begin to perceive the syndrome of lost profits, like any other fear: realize its presence, but put it aside so that it does not interfere with your life.

4. It is more important for you to be understood, and not to recognize your rightness.

Naturally in life there are things that are undeniably right or wrong. But there are millions of ways to express yourself. You must find a peaceful way to fight. It may not be less bloody and frightening than the rest, but you must give more importance to humanity.

5. You treat your body the same way you treat someone you love.

You will not tell a person you love that he is ugly or lazy or that he himself is to blame for his suffering. You will not force them to run on the simulator, or repent for having eaten something harmful - as well as yourself.

6. People come to you for advice, not to speak.

It usually happens in life that the advice we need is not the one that we would like to hear. This is normal - if the solution to the problem gives you discomfort, then it is worth it. But it says something about you only when people stop using you as a vest to cry on and start listening to what you tell them.

7. You are no longer trying to justify your choice ...

This is your life, your body, your soul. Those who love and care for you know this. There are people who are not able to make any decision about you, and no explanation of you will change that.

8. ... because you are aware of all the consequences

Being an adult means being aware that life is full of risks, and sometimes your decisions can be unsuccessful. It happens every day - you can have only the best intentions, but you can still screw it up. Being on the right path does not save you from bad decisions, but the fact that you are aware of all the consequences and are ready for any of them is a sign that you are still on it.

9. You do not relax, even if you know that you have a "privilege"

The world is full of injustice. You are fortunate enough to be born with more privileges than others. You can sit and deny it, and you can help less fortunate people using their privileges. The choice is yours!

10. Do you have more interesting lessons than to condemn the lives of other people?

You do not know what happens to others in life. We do not mean that you ignore all the bad things that happen to people, but you must understand that there are things in life that do not need your opinion.

11. You distribute your energy to things that are meaningful to you.

You spend energy only on what you need, and most of these things improve you as an individual.

12. You are no longer worried about breaking ties with someone.

As silence in one room with a friend becomes normal, so the lull in communicating with those who no longer support you becomes more easily portable. The last word is greatly overestimated, as is the completion of communication. You calmly let your actions speak for themselves.

13. The way you feel is no longer connected with the opinions of others.

There was a time when you experienced when people condemned your behavior. Or you forced yourself to smile, because people kept talking about how you were lucky to have something. Perhaps they are right ... and you can have mixed feelings. This is not a sign that something is wrong with you, but a sign that you are a human being.

14. Sometimes terrible things happen in your life, but you continue to live.

Feel lonely - fine. Hating loneliness is normal. Envy, sadness, worry - also normal. But do not make it a problem for other people. When you are on the right path, negative emotions do not prevent you from living. You just become more tolerant to them.

15. You listen to your inner world

Women are known for trusting their feminine intuition, but not only they have something to rely on. Regardless of who you are, you should listen more to your body, to your inner feelings.

16. You say no without regret<>

“No” means a border. This is the final verdict, and not a reason to start negotiations. For those who do not understand this - see item number 12.

17. You think more about the results of the past day, and not about how you would like everything to be

It would be great for yourself to come up with a future. But, most likely, no matter what we come up with, it will not satisfy everyone in the world. When you let go of the desire to control everything, the future no longer seems so terrible. It may not be an adventure (remember that boredom is not bad), but definitely something to expect. What is worth moving on for.