Save a loved one when the husband's ex-wife puts a cane in the wheel

Together with your loved one, you also got problems - in the form of your husband's former spouse, and then also with your child. She is very unhappy that he decided to arrange his personal life earlier than she did and is ready to do everything so that he does not feel happy. What to do if the husband’s ex-wife is haunted?

Why does the husband's ex-wife not let go?

What makes a woman hold on to her ex-husband?

She loves him

Sadly, but sometimes your romance can really break someone's life. They went through a lot together, and this man is really dear to her. Especially if he is the father of her children.

She does not allow the thought of defeat.

For some women, the idea that this is her personal defeat is literally unbearable. For her, the end of the relationship was due to the fact that it was you who intervened, and she really wants you to get revenge.

Her life is not arranged

And this also happens. Many women are completely and completely dependent on their men, and the fact that she unexpectedly lost his support becomes a real blow for her. She tries to get out of this situation, and if a man gives her all possible assistance at first, it will be much easier to cope with the conflict.

How to negotiate with the ex-wife of her husband?

  • Understand her: Before you condemn a woman, try to understand the motives of her behavior. Did your husband do nicely parting with her? Very often the reason is the man himself, who seeks to get away from the new family with the least loss. If this happens, you should talk to your husband and find the truth.
  • Talk to her: simple conversation is often much more effective than hostility. Discuss the situation with her, and try to convince her that you have nothing to share.
  • Talk to your husband: find out why you have a conflict. Does he give due attention to the child? And do not try to prevent this yourself - you should not deprive the child of the father.

Former wife and husband's family do not let go

Often the cause of family troubles is the good attitude of the husband and his former wife and family. It would seem that this is rather good than bad, but jealousy, unfortunately, does not disappear anywhere. For example, very often the husband eats from the former wife, coming to visit his child, and the second wife feels humiliated. Is it worth hindering?

For the second wife, the main thing to remember is the important rule. Once you have made a choice, deciding to link your fate with this man, regardless of the past. His first family will forever remain part of his life — the part that you need to accept.