7 mistakes in relationships that smart women will never repeat

Having matured, many of the women blame themselves for being too cute in their youth with those men who did not deserve it at all. They tried their best, but those young people used such kindness and broke their hearts.

Here are the classic mistakes of cute and beautiful girls in relationships that they made before they became smart women. And these lessons need to be learned as early as possible to all women.

1. To be nice - the first line of defense in dealing with men

In no case should you give all of yourself. Otherwise it makes a woman an open book for everyone.

2. Expect grace from men

Just because in her youth a woman was sweet did not mean that those with whom she met were also nice to me. It is too naive to think that men will respond in the same way.

3. Love must be earned

This is sad, but subconsciously in her youth, many girls thought that they needed to use themselves to earn the love of a man. But why try to please someone, to thereby get its location? No one will respect the weakness. Lesson learned.

4. Close your eyes to all the flaws

Being good means that you are trying to look for good in people, but what good is it if men were not good at all? They were assholes and used your kindness, and you turned a blind eye to their shortcomings.

5. Fight for something

Fight alone. In their youth, women put a lot of effort into their relationships when their partners didn’t move a finger. And, of course, it was comfortable for men.

6. Expect support

Often in their youth, many of us have tried to support the difficulties of our partners, making uncomfortable compromises or injuring ourselves in something. But in return, we did not receive anything: the men were so focused on their problems that they did not notice our stress and did not help us in anything.

7. Failure to delineate boundaries

Perhaps you had much more feelings for the man than he had for you, so you did not see the point of sticking to any boundaries to protect yourself. This is a mistake. You yourself in this way allowed them to treat you badly when they should have left.

Instead of going further, you tried your best to rectify the situation. You thought you had to put more effort into being good, even when it hurt. You thought that if you did enough, you would have a happier relationship. You just lacked self-confidence to know your value.